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Whistler Promo

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I was thinking about a trip up to Whistler to take advantage of some pretty good promos for spring skiing. I thought this one was outstanding and others might be interested. I'm trying to get the wife or my ski buddy to go! $279/person for 5 nights, 4 days lift tickets and 4 day Ski Esprit ski school pkg.


And here's a link to a description of the "Ski Esprit" program at the bottom of the page. Basically you join a group with a guide leading you to best terrain across Whistler & Blackcomb mtns and informal instruction with the same instructor over 4 days.

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Based on my info on the snow conditions today, you have to think twice. But 10 days ago, it might be a good buy.

Report filed by ski instructors at Whistler:

Well, the snow condition was good just 10 days ago, it became too warm a week ago and snow melt and freeze again during night time. It has not much to do with season, although warmer season is bad for snow though. This dec was good, Jan awful, sometimes so warm that it rained even on roundhouse, sometimes -20C. Feb was good again, March was good for the first week, and too warm now. If it turn cold and snow for 10cm, the snow condition could be totally different. Let's start praying.
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Ski Esprit is pretty good. Small groups, more-or-less matched in ability. The first two times I went out to Whistler I did it and learned a fair amount. I also enjoyed the fact that it was more "guided exploration" with some "just-in-time" learning, rather than drills-and-class. Got me onto parts of the mountain I might not have tried on my own.

Not as good as EpicSki Academy, and the pros are varying in quality. I had a fabulous one the first time, and someone who was just not very inspiring the 2nd time. But in some ways a similar concept to ESA, that I think is a lot more enjoyable than traditional ski instruction. If more mountains did that kind of instruction/guided-exploration package, I think a lot more people would take lessons.

I didn't do it this time around on the trip I just came back from. ESA has spoiled me a bit too much! Plus after a couple of times with Ski Esprit, I knew my way around Whistler/Blackcomb enough to know where I wanted to go this time.

I don't know about going for only 4 days and taking Ski Esprit all 4 days. You might just want to do some free skiing after the instruction. And if you aren't all at the same level you'd be in separate groups - maybe even if you are at the same level. With only 4 days you wouldn't have free skiing time together.

When I did it in 1999 and 2000, they offered it for 3 days or 4 - for 4 days skiing I'd suggest you sign up only for the 3 days.

Or stay longer if you can. 4 days Ski Esprit followed by 2 or 3 free-skiing days is a blast!
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