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Killington or Stratton?

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Where to close ski season?

I though about closing my ski season on Thursday or Friday.
Killington or Stratton?

Thanks for all input.
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I was at Okemo this past weekend and was amazed at the snow quality. For all those who stayed home because of the rain during the week, I say THANKS. The snow was wonderful. Soft yet not heavy. Carveable and forgiving. No lift lines. I was out early and buddies showed up around 9:15. they were lucky enough to get some of the best snow condition of the season, but they missed over an hour of great snow. Oh yea, did I say no lift lines. Sunday was almost as nice, a little fresh snow on top with a little sun shine at 8:15. The snow got a little sticky about mid mountain for about 100ft of vert. Below that it was the same as Saturday's snow. The longest lift line we were in all weekend? one time we had to wait for four people to get on before us.

As for your question I would tend to go north to Killington, I know they have more natural snow then we got at Okemo. I was at Killington last Tuesday and there was still a lot of snow. You may even want to give Okemo a shot.
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i went to both resorts (killington & stratton) this weekend and like max said it was totally barren. the snow was damp, not wet, so both mountains were very skiable. plus with the new 4" and colder weather, it should be a bit drier this weekend.

based just on snow conditions, i'd go for killington since they have more coverage and base. neither mountain had any lines whatsoever and grooming was pretty smooth. killington had a great variety of bumped runs, can't say that about stratton... but of course that will probably change by this weekend depending on grooming. you might as well go to killington if it was a choice between the two. more stuff, less $$$.
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