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Sun Peaks in mid-late March

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I'm coming to North America (from New Zealand) this March and am thinking of spending a couple of weeks at Sun Peaks. Currently I'm looking at being there from the middle of March onwards. I have two questions:
  • I see their season goes till mid April, does this mean I'm taking a big risk of bare patches? How good is it in mid to late March? I'd be especially interested in experiences of the place late in El Nino seasons.</font>
  • I'd be grateful for some info regarding likely temperatures and wind chills at that time of year, so I can plan what clothes to bring.</font>

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I've been up at Sun Peaks in mid March... Its been quite good still in March. The snowpack will be close to it's maximum and temperatures at the time we were there were right around 0'C. We had a big dump of champagne powder on one of the days were were there..... It warmed up later in the afternoon and the powder became hardpack. I don't think you need to worry about bare conditions at that time of year.

As far as El Nino goes, its made for quite a dry fall so far. I'm hoping things will turn around soon. I suggest keep checking their website and see how the snowpack is doing.
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A couple of weeks at Sun Peaks? That might be a bit much. There are several resorts nearby, including Apex, Silver Star and Big White you could check out as well. All these hills provide a delightful ski experience, though they are not known for big powder dumps or extreme terrain. Its true we have had our lean snow years, but whatever the snowpack, it will be close to it's maximum in March. Spring Break in BC is from March 15th to 23rd, so expect a few more people, but not massive crowds. The peak of winter will be over, so temperatures should not be bitter cold; no chillier than -10C or so, which is quite managable in the dry interior climate. If you bring poly underwear, fleece mid layer and a gortex pant & jacket you should be fine.

Have a great time!
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Many thanks for the information, you guys! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was there in mid March. Upon landing in Kamloops, I thought I was screwed.It was almost short sleeve weather and I met some guys heading home who said the usual "ya shouda been here last week". Once the van started climbing, snow cover started to appear.That week, we had around 2' of powder on a really good base and it was a terrific experience. The village area is small and the place was very quiet. zero night life.However, I go places to ski so I never really worry about the night scene.
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