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Whiteface or MRG

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Go to Tremblant in Jan/Feb this year and want to stop for a day of preskiing. Narrowed to down to Whiteface or MRG. WHich one should I do???

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I vote for MRG just because I've always wanted to get there
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Both are great, but I say split the difference and go to Hickory Hill, just off Route 87 (check out the slide show pics).

MRG will take you hours out of your way, and if you want a really unique retro ski experience, this is it. Only open on weekends.
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Whiteface is bigger, but can be really icy. At Mad River Glen, despite the lack of snowmaking, I've always had much better conditions. MRG gets about 110" more per season on average of fresh snow. The lift tickets are also a bit cheaper. On the other hand, if you like skiing groomers at all, or have any snowboarders with you, you'll need to head for Whiteface.

As far as Ski Hickory, that's a cool little place, but conditions can be really iffy. It's like MRG with whiteface's snowfall, great terrain, but it's hit or miss.
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MRG requently has excellent conditions, but Whiteface is more reliable for decent conditions, and a much shorter drive for you. If Whiteface has good snow, the Slides are worth the trip alone. Hickory is only a few minutes off I-97, and that's definitely worth a trip if there is good snow. Hickory makes MRG look like Stratton.
If you need to ski groomed, stick with Whiteface.

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Originally posted by John Dowling:

Hickory makes MRG look like Stratton.

You stole my line . But yeah Hickory is dah bomb.. IF there is snow. And remember Hickory is just open Weekends. MRG is outta the way too. I know our trip to Tramblount took a loooong time. Unless you plan on doing it in 2 days.. I would just head right up.
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Originally posted by Phil Pugliese:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by John Dowling:

Hickory makes MRG look like Stratton.

You stole my line </font>[/quote]I know. I should have given you credit.

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Phil is right. MRG is too far out of the way. Not worth the effort unless they've gotten a good dump of fresh snow. Otherwise you'll be skiing very difficult bumps and glades on very hard snow.

When its good, it's fantastic, but when it's bad, you'll regret going that far out of your way. Getting there from I-87 and then up to Montreal will add a lot of time to your trip.

Whiteface is easier to hit if you're heading to Tremblant, and has some great steep terrain if that's what you're looking for, but it can also get very icy. However if conditions are good, I'd go there. With good snow, skiing Cloudspin and Upper Skyward on real 3,200 vertical can be a real adreneline pumper. My biggest beef with Whiteface is that their lift ticket price has become ludicrous for a State owned mountain.

If conditions in the NE aren't so great, or if you just want the easiest place to get to on a side trip, I'd definitely go to Gore Mtn.

Not as challenging as the other two, but a big mountain, with some short steep runs and usually better conditions than the others. It's very easy to make a side trip there and you can find the cheapest lodging around if you stay in nearby Glens Falls for a night.
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Yea I am heading out of Richmond VA and don't want to put in the 14 or so hours of driving to do Tremblant in one day. Thats why I thought if I have to stop why not check one of these places. I think I will wait tilla day or two before the trip to see if there will be a fresh dump if so I will try MRG if not I'll do Whiteface.

Thanks again!!!!

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Another suggestion / another NY answer to MRG: Plattekill. Check it out at http://www.plattekill.com/ski/index.html . If snow hits the Catskills region heavier than up north, like it seemed to last year, you could have a lot of fun here. It's well worth the extra detour off I-87 (compared to Hunter or Windham) to get to Plattekill.
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Won't opine on relative distance or convenience for your trip, but I've skiied both (as I'm sure many here have). Neither has lodging on-site (although MRG has several places pretty close by). Whiteface is a big mountain by Eastern standards, but it can be cold and windy. That doesn't really bother me, but it may influence some people. Plenty of different terrain, and Lake Placid has lots of stuff to do. I only skiied MRG twice, but it's probably one of my favorite places ever. The atmosphere was like nothing you'll find anywhere else. If you want grooming, though, MRG will leave you wanting. I was there late in the season, and was graced both times with fresh snow, which continued all day.

Both are challenging, although WF has more variety of terrain. I would go to MRG, if only to ride the last single chair in the country. , and for the unique experience.

Have fun! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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