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What to do in Vail?

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Anyone have any good advice for where to go in Vail/Beaver Creek? I'm off in one week with a group of eight guys, all in our early thirties. I think we can figure out where to ski (but wouldn't mind advice), but I'm really interested in recommendations for restaurants and bars. No, we're not interested in eating at Beano's cabin! Cheap to mid-range food and drink would be at the top of my list [img]smile.gif[/img] Any places with good beer selections for apres and at night?
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Hi SkiKing. Vail has tons of Apres ski places but for something a bit different..Depending on when you’re coming and the ability of your group, here is a suggestion. There is an "out of bounds" trail called the Minturn Mile. You access it from game creek bowl. We have not done it yet this year typically its pretty clear how to go, it’s longer than a mile how long I really do not know. OZ? You end up in the town of Minturn. Go to the Minturn saloon. It’s a hoot. You can take the shuttle back to Vail from Minturn. If you try it I would leave before 3:00! Do not want you skiing in the dark.
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I've heard all about the Minturn mile and it does sound like a lot of fun. Is it pretty straightforward, or do we need a local to help us out?

I'd be curious to hear if anyone's done it this year. I don't really want to have to take off my skis and walk over a lot of bare spots.
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SkiKing, when we did it, it was easy to follow. There is a gate at the end of lost boy run. At least I think its lost boy
: We did do it late in the season though. March I think. At that time I only had to take the skis off once, to toss them over a creek! Hopefully OZ or others will have more recent info.

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WoooHooo Minturn Mile!

Kima, it is Lostboy. Just keep going straight to the end of the catwalk.

Or hike up to the gate on Ptarmigan Ridge in Sundown Bowl, which is just on the opposite side of Lostboy. To get to Ptarmigan, just go left when the catwalk "y"s to Lostboy. You get more turns in this way and puts you in the same spot as the gate on Lostboy. Just follow the tracks and gully out. You can take the bus back to town or leave a car in Minturn. I'd send the last one down in a bus back to town to pick up the car.

And following Kima's advice -- I'd leave a bit earlier, 2:30, because you want to get a seat at the bar don't you?
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Yep the Minturn run and apres is a good tip. Try the Minturn Country club for the best cook your own steaks and a fun inexpensive night out. Be aware. It is currently dumping pow here and the going may be blazing a new trail. Drop in from the top of Sundown Bowl as suggested and check the snow conditions as there has been some wind driven snow build up on an old hard base.

Nightlife ..... mate the place will kill you. The Club for late, boozy, dancing to live music is always fun and usually some girls around. 8150 is the mid range dance\night club, you may find some nice women at the bar of the Platzl (not sure about eight free girls in a ski town though) La Botega is excellent for dinner, nice food, friendly and a good wine list. Monday night is $20 eat and drink at the Karltenburg in Lionshead. There is also Gravity and Garfunkels for sports and drinking.

The best value would be a private lesson with me; ski hard and jump queues all day. Enjoy your visit. The pow is falling hard as I type and tomorrow will be "mad wednesday" in the back bowls.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'll second Kaltenberg Castle in Lionshead. Their dunkel beer is not to be missed. If the weather is nice, you can't beat sitting out on the balcony at the end of the day with one of their liter steins. FYI, their beer is at other places around the mountain too like Two Elk lodge at the summit, which is probably the best ski area cafeteria I have ever eaten at in my life, including Europe.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by man from oz:
Nightlife ..... mate the place will kill you. The Club for late, boozy, dancing to live music is always fun and usually some girls around.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Only one or two on the trip are single. I'm sure they will be berating the rest of us for our lameness! But we'll whoop it up the best our old bodies can handle...and I'm sure regret it the next morning.

Thanks for the tips Oz. This is just the kind of thing I was looking for.
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I was looking at Kaltenberg Castle's web site and the place looks very cool. I'll definitely have to drag the group there. There's no question about that!

Any other tips from anyone? I'll be sure to report back after the trip. Looks like a good chance for snow early next week. My first day of skiing will be Wednesday, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for some fresh pow!
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