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WI skiing in late Dec

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I was thinking about going skiing somewhere in Wisconsin on Dec. 23rd since I will be at home in Chicago over the holidays. I was considering either Cascade or Devil's Head (I would love to try Granite Peak, but it is just too far for a day trip), but I was wondering if there are any other closer resorts to think about. Also, I was wondering is any WI skiiers could inform me about local conditions. Thanks a ton for your help.
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I just got done skiing Alpine Valley last night and it wasn't too bad. Tomorrow morning my brother and I are headed to Devils Head and Cascade. From what the websites state Cascade is doing a pretty good job of making snow. Equally so is Devils Head. I'll update you on the conditions on Friday when we return! I'm also planning on spending three days skiing at Granite Peak starting the 29th with my seven year old daughter. I've never been there before but I'm interest in learning what conditions are like.

Talk to you on Friday! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I skied Wilmot yesterday and i'm headin up to Devils Head this weekend. Only man made snow on Wilmot so it wasn't very good conditions but at least their open. Devils Head and Cascade have a little over half the runs open now. Hopefully with the help of some snow and cold weather they'll be close to 90% open by Christmas.
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if you think granite peak is too far for a day trip you should try driving from champaign to any resort for a day (wake up at 5 to drive for 4 hours) btw does anyone know how chestnut is doing snowwise?
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I'm thinking about trying to talk my family into going to Wausau for an overnight trip or else I might not get to ski over the holidays. I know if I skip a day to go skiing that I'll hear about it from the family...
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My brother and I just got back last night from up there. We skied Cascade on Wednesday and Devils Head on Thursday. It looked like Cascade is doing everything they can do to get all of the runs open. The snow guns were on full force when we were there. Most of their black diamond runs were still closed though. The guns were running and I would imagine they will be open by the weekend.

Devils Head was also a good time. None of their black diamond runs on the right hand side were open though. I don't even remember them having the snow guns on when we were there. They did get the half pipe built while we were there.

Good luck on the trip. Alpine Valley might be a good alternative for a day trip. It's a few hours closer and a few dollars cheaper.

We've got reservations for Granite Peak the 29th for three days. I'm interested in hearing about the conditions in Wausau.

Happy holidays to everyone!

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