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What to take and what to leave behind

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As some of you know I'm planning my first ski trip. The question is: What do I need and what don't I need. I have no problem planning for a 5 day backpacking trip for the family but am at a loss here. Such as: I tune and wax my own skis. Do I bring my wax kit, or am I at the mercy of the local tech? Get the idea? Any tips welcome and helpful.
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bring a stone to touch up your edges and if you have a travel iron, wax and plastic scraper. Save the rest of the tuning for home. It's only 5 days. You probably won't need much else. I find that if I can get a few phone books and some newspaper I can set up to iron on wax. Also wax is pretty cheap in Canada so if you run out or need to switch, just pick it up there.

Just my thoughts..
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Depends on how you are getting there too, I'm driving my toyota pu to Fernie on friday and if i think there might be a chance i'll need it, its coming along.
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Considering Artimus is coming from London to Western Canada I suspect he will be flying. Don't think a boat ride would get here in time to catch all that powder

probably don't want to carry too much weight...
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If I'm headed on a 5 day trip anywhere, I'll usually just apply a few coats of all purpose wax over a fresh tune and leave the gear at home. If I were racing, a different story, but I don't anymore. If conditions change significantly (cold to slush), if I take a large core shot or need fresh edges that badly, I'll trust the local ski tech.
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As dchan and alta point out your trying to travel light and it is a short trip.

My check list for a trip like that is skis, boots, poles, clothes and CREDIT CARD. Once you walk out the door throw money at any problems until they go away...
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I think Artimus is coming from London, Ontario which is not the same as London across the pond. But back to the point, if you bring an iron and wax, bring some rubber bands to hold the bindings back. For five dyas, you can probably get away with a good hot wax before you go, and then using wipeon waxes to extend the life. Probably better is to use NotWax and the Felix process (usung both NotWax and conventional waxes) with regular treatment with NotWax while on the trip.

Also, for clothes, bring layers to maximize your options. Just make sure you have clothing with the required water resisitnace and breathability required for the conditions anticipated.
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Oooops. Snowonder, You are right Didn't notice the Ont.

That's different...... never mind.

Isn't there a London in Texas too? or is that Paris TX.
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