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Ski & Stay near Killington

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Greetings fellow frostbiters, I'm new to the board, I have been lurking around here since early Dec. I commend you all on a great board, You have a great group here!. My Brief Bio; I am thirty ni....I mean...42 yrs old, have been skiing since I was 12, lived in Breckinridge Co from 80'- 92', I worked on the Beaver Run complex and Breck Ski Patrol for a few of those years,(season passes), Skied Copper Mnt, Arapaho Bsn, and Vail while I was there. Moved to the Nor'east in the mid 90's, and have skied most of the Catskill & Berkshire resorts.(said I'd keep it brief) : Current ride; K2 Axis X Pro in 188cm - Marker 1400's
Now to my question; I'm having limited sucess finding some smoking deals on 2-3 day stays near Killington. I know this is mid-season and deals are hard to come by, but I'm not against staying 10 miles from the slopes and doing the mid-week specials. Can someone point me toward some of the less expensive hotels/motels? (I'm not cheap, I just hate paying tourist prices) [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Thank You Much, Shaw
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I'm with you on that issue of paying top dollar for anything related to skiing. If I had to pay full price for everything, I wouldn't be skiing very much. I ski Killington quite frequently, and not being a local, I have to scrounge around for all the deals I can get. Are you interested in a ski & stay package, or just lodging?
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Mac, Either suites fine as long as the price is reasonable. I see some of the places on the access roas are getting upwards of 200-300 a night!! OUCH : I'm hoping to find something reasonably nice at 80-100 a night, and if they offer discount lift tickets, even better!
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You might try a web search of hotels/motels in the Rutland area. They have your basic "chain" motels and some others along Rt 7. It's not exactly on the mountain, but they won't have "on the mountain" prices either. You could stay at the Holiday Inn in Rutland and be at the base ladge in 30 minutes or so. Good luck!
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If you don't mind sharing a room with others then you're best bet is the Turn of River Lodge on Route 100. 1.5 miles from Skyship gondola. They server a small breakfast with juice, coffee, muffins and donuts but it will suffice if you just need the energy til lunch. Rates are 'bout $31/night. A lot of commuter patrolers and mountain hosts stay there. Some families and other nice people. It's old school and friendly. They do have private rooms too that are reasonable and in your price range. It's a true lodge with big fireplace in the common room were everyone gathers at the end of the day. There is a small fridge for your beers and grub if necessary. Rooms and bathrooms are clean and cozy. There are two restaurants within walking distance. They should have ski and stay packages.


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I did Killington 3 weeks ago and stayed at The Comfort Inn ($120/night) which is right on the resort road. Ouch!!! - but we were tired and happy to have a place to sleep after driving in from Mont Tremblant, Quebec and touring Vermont from Jay Peak down. Since we came in from the eastern side Rt.100 (hope I have that right) we were not aware how close Rutland is to Killington (1st time there) and surely wouldn't have minded saving a few bucks by driving in...it is only a short distance. Try the Ramanda Inn in Rutland...a friend I work with said she got a pretty good deal there. Have a great time....the conditions were amazing while we were there (snowed 8" the night before we went out - 30" for the week)!!!


p.s.- don't forget to try some Magic Hat - #7 (beer) !!!
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Hmmm,...Thanks guys, this sounds more like it,.....keep em coming! I just want to ski w/o all the frills.
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I skiied at Killington back in early December, stayed at a chain place in Rutland, Best Western, I think. This was right on the highway as you come into Rutland. The place was new, pretty much what you'd expect, maybe $79.95, something like that. I think there are cheaper places in town. though. Rutland is just a short drive from the mountain, not inconvenient.
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Great, Thanks for all the helpful replys, I booked a room at Valroc, anyone ever heard of this one? Supposed to be 1.5 miles from the Gondola, discount lift tickets, and only $64. a night midweek, and $110 on the weekend. I'll report back after mt stay.
Sean, Turn of the River sounds really cool, I may stop in there for a night to check it out.
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Sorry to be slow getting back with a reply, but I just returned from Killington. I've stayed at some of the places that have been mentioned in the previous posts, with mixed results. If you're willing to go midweek, the best deal out there is an $86 per person ski and stay package on the access road at a very nice place, including breakfast, lift tickets, all taxes, etc. If you want more info, let me know. Oh, and by the way, the skiing was fantastic.
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Killington's website had some good mid week deals for staying in Rutland. I was looking earlier this month and seemed to remember them stating ski/lodging deals starting at $79?

I was trying to get closer. There's a neighborhood of condos across the street from Pico I liked to stay at, but they were ridiculously priced.
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I'll second that notion of things being overpriced around Pico. I inquired about some reservations there because I wanted to come up with some family members, and the prices were out of this world. It would be cheaper to fly them to Colorado than to stay there. I don't know who is willing to pay those prices; there must be somebody out there that is or there wouldn't be anybody there. And they complain about the lack of growth in the number of people that are taking up the sport. Is it any wonder? How many people with families can afford it? Maybe the answer is to stay away from places like that. If everybody put their foot down and refused to pay it, they wouldn't have any choice but to charge a fair price. And yes, I've heard the story before about how much it cost to run a ski mountain these days, but when the price of a season pass at the American Skiing Co. resorts cost in excess of $1000, and you can buy a season pass in Summit County, Colorado for $300 and some dollars, it makes you wonder.
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That's exactly what we did. We bought tix to Steamboat for March 1st, 6 days for what anything remotely close to Killington would cost...and that was driving there. Killy seems to have gotten totally out of hand for those who would like some "frills" on their trip.
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Another cheap motel I've stayed at is http://www.ottauquechee.com/, about 10-15mins east of the Gondola, as far as I remember.
It's definitely cheap and cheerful, but for a place to crash, it's great - quiet and clean, and there's a good inexpensive diner next door for breakfast.
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May be you can try Edelweiss motel.. They are not the most luxurious..but the price and location is alright..

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These are just what I was looking for,..some no frills motel, close to the mnt, with reasonable rates! Thanks Guys!
PS, jojo, how close is Edelweiss to the mnt? (their rates are great!)
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It is just across from the Pico entrance..like just before the turn
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The Inn at Longtrail, within walking distance to Pico has some good all inclusive rates (breakfast and dinner) AND A FANTASTIC IRISH PUB.
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