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Canyons Lift Tickets, etc.

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Hi! We have a condo rented at the Canyons (UT) in mid-January. Anyone have tips on getting best lift ticket prices? Any "local" info that would help? We will have a rental car--any suggestions on another resort that it would be well worth our while to drive to?
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Some of the Local ski shops sell discount lift passes to The Canyons as well as other Mountains. Smith Supermarket (smithtixs) I believe also sells discount tickets. So does Dans Market. Smith will be right off I80 on hwy 224 Thats the turn off you will take to get to Park City and the Canyons. Take a left at the 1st or 2nd traffic light when you exit I 80 to get to Smiths. There are a couple of ski shops in Salt lake City that also sell discounted lift passes Canyon Sports is one and the REI store is another. The Canyons can be rather confussing to get around the 7 diffrent peaks, The first day there take a guided tour. It will make it easier for you to find the type runs your looking for.
Ok other mountains to ski? A lot depends on what you are looking for. There are 7 other world class ski mountains all within an hours drive from your Condo. 2 less then 10 mins from your condo. the two are Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley.PCMR hass of fast Blue runs and some fine Black runs and Double Black runs. If you want to ski Westren ski history a place that has a ton of skiing soul Then head to Alta. Alta is where Powder skiing was invented. The lifts are old and slow and thats the way they like it there. Snowbasin is about 45 mins north of Park City and well worth the drive Spend a Sunday at Deer Valley. Deer Valley has the best on Mountain food of anyplace. Theres some excellent fast groomers some good tree skiing and yes even steeps if you know where to look. Yes you will see more of the Bogner and fur trimmed ski suit crowd then Gortex and duct tape crowd, but the Gortex crowd knows that on a Powder day Deer valley can't be beat. Hope this helps some and you enjoy your stay here in the Park City area.
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You'd be cheating yourself if you don't go to Alta and or Snowbird at LEAST one day. Only about 45 min or so away from the Canyons. You can now get one lift ticket that serves both places and they just opened a lift to go from one place to the other. You really have to ski Deer Valley if nothing more than to see how the really really rich live. The mountian is groomed to perfection if you like that kind of stuff. All in all not the place you'd ski for a week but fun for a day or two. Personally I don't care for Park City the mountian but it's a nice town to hang out in. If you drink, DONT drive there from the canyons, take the free shuttle.
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I received your private message last week; I have responded with the information I believe you are looking for [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] .
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Last year the Canyons offered five passes for $100 at several locations at different times of the year. The passes were completely transferable and all five could be used on the same day. Keep checking their website and you may get lucky and they may have the same deal.
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