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I've been traveling out to Colorado the past few years, but I haven't experienced the amount snow that's coming down in Denver right now. I'm supposed to fly into DIA mid day tomorrow. Does anyone know if they're going to cancel all flights? And, will I-70 be available?


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It's going to be a crap shoot. Upslopes like this can dump huge amounts on the front range. Parts of I-70 are closed now. Lots of flights into Denver will be cancelled. The weather may be better west of the divide. If I were you I would try to switch to the Delta flight#215 direct to Eagle. I am flying into Aspen thru Denver on Friday, but I think the worst will be over by then.
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Flights Cancelled...bummer. I'm booked on the same flight on Thursday. Hopefully, the weather will be in better shape.
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Snowing like a big dog!!!! Denver area should get 3ft Abasin & Loveland all-ready have 40" and the blizzard should run 36 more hrs. DIA is closed Hope you can get here while the gettings GOOD!!! This is the storm we have been looking for since 1997!!!!! [img] www.coloradoski.com [/img]
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When you wake up on 3/19/03 go to www.skiloveland.com they have had 45" in the past 24 hrs a new record!!! I 70 is closed but if highway 285 is open then it time to ROCK ON!!!![/list]
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It's safe to say... the ski season ain't over yet [img]smile.gif[/img]
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