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European skiing deals...

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Im in the market for any kind of skiing deal to Europe, either Chamonix, Zermott, or really anywhere else in the alps around Christmas time. Does anyone know any companies that offer exceptional pricing on a skiing package for my family and I? We reside near New York, so if airfare to Europe is also part of the package, it would be more than acceptable. If someone came accross a deal to any great resort in the alps, please foward it my way. Thanks
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I've had really good luck with the Club Med resorts just before Christmas. They normally offer excellent deals for the week before the Christmas week. Or at least they did through the Ski Club I belonged to in Germany. There were alot of americans and brits as well. I went to both Val d'Isere and Val Thorens, and both were excellent. The package included three meals a day (free wine and beer), lift passes, 5 hours of instruction/day (quality ESF instuctors), and of course your accomodations.

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I just got the Adventures on Skis brochure last night. They have everything spelled out. They have merged with or bought out some of the bigger players, Lynxs, Sport Tours, Any Mountain and more.

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Hope this helps.....
I've twice used Ski Europe to take 2 groups of 45 to the French Destinations of Les Trois Vallees (World's largest lift connected area; then about 16 x size of Vail) and in 2000, Chamonix. They offer super-saver weeks usually early and late season. Try their website and contact Dorothea Rasser. Ask about those and if there are any clubs/charters already going that you could be part of.

Adventures on Skis has been around probably longer than any TO and alsh has a good rep.
For a family destination, think about St. Anton. While it's low, it may be less expensize than the Swiss & French resorts. St. Anton is a nice village with plenty to do.

Good Luck,

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