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Holiday Valley Saturday?

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Anyone local who can tell me how Holiday Valley (NY) is looking for this Saturday (12/13)? We were thinking of driving up for demo day; will it be worth it? Are they going to be able to open any more terrain? How crowded is it likely to be?

I know, a lot of questions. But if anyone has any local insight/advice, I'd appreciate it! We've never done a demo day before, plus we'd like to get one day of skiing in before we head out west on 12/18. Thanks!
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We're getting some good Lake Effect snow as I type this right now so the freshies will definitly help the surface. Other than that, for early season conditions, it's not bad and probably worth the drive from the flatlands.

As for demo day and the crowds, there are minimal runs open so if you can be patient with the long lift lines, do come. But, for what conditions we have and the slpoes that are open, demoing skis is a mute idea. My idea of demoing skis is giving them a full workout in varying conditions on different slopes. Somehow trying out a new pair of skis and only being to cruise down Mardi Gras or Yoedler isn't going to give one a true feel for what the ski should perform like. Why bother?
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Thanks for the feedback. [img]smile.gif[/img] I guess with limited slopes open, possible long lines, & not much terrain to demo on, we'll pass on Holiday Valley. Too bad about that, because I really wanted to do a demo day - but probably would be silly under those conditions.

Think we'll hit Peek'n Peak Sunday instead; they don't have a ton of terrain open either, but for some reason what they do have open are the 'blacks' we usually ski, it's closer & cheaper, and for some reason it's never crowded. (Of course, the terrain is way better at HV, but, still, it'll give us a chance to see if we remember how to ski!!!)
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B40, There will be another Demo day at H.V. next month usually just for shop employees and Reps, but, most of the Reps there let some boards out to the public from time to time. Problem is it's usually on a week day. Keep in touch with me and I'll try to give you some lead time ok?
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Lars, Thanks so much, but with my current work schedule, a weekday is not going to work for me. Oh, well, maybe next year; I don't NEED new skis anyway - but, if I demo, I may decide I do!!!!
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That's my fetish, trying new skis reguardless if I need them or not, then buying a pair to add to the quiver. I have three pairs now and don't need another until I unload a few pair.
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