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Everheard of Turner Mtn?

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Turner Mtn. Northwest Montana, Real Powder,
Not Man made! We have a groomer but most of the mountain is to steep to groom.

We have a snack bar but no Cappachino,

The Longest T-Bar in North America.

Check out our Web Page (Libby.org/Skiturner)!

As Alway's!

Be Good or Eat Wood!
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i beleive there was an article in either ski or skiing magazine sometime last year about this mountain
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You guy's are both right!

We would like to get our chair up and running next year, it just depend's on whether or not the fund's are there and if we get enough manhour's to put it alltogether
We're all volunteer and that put's a damper on what we can do, we try our hardest to keep the mountain moving ahead.

Be Good or Eat Wood!
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