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A couple buddies and I are taking a road trip to Whistler January 6-9. I've been looking at the trail map, and the place just looks overwhelming. I was wondering if someone knew a good way to get oriented with the mountain, while staying away from the crowds. Also, where is the best expert terrain on the mountain located? Oh, and I know the town is loaded with cool places for partying, but does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
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I was a big fan of the 7th heaven area on blackcomb. xiggy's meadow is pretty good. The skiers far right off the lift is a pretty fun area (like where everglades is on the map).

On the whistler side, I was a fan of the west bowl area. I'm not exactly sure which part we hit, but I'm pretty sure it was the stefan's chute/cockalorium runs. I'm not quite sure why it's rated double black, except maybe for the 6 foot cornice at the top, although you can cut in without having to drop it.

I also liked the franz's meadows area. A little bit intersting cause it runs along a spring.

I found some of the best snow on the harmony area. I can't really look at the map and explain it...but there are some decent stashes if you go exploring in there, cause the area is so expansive and not obvious, because you can't see a lot of it from the chair.

Hope it helps. Have fun!
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Howdy Cowboy... glad to see you coming out to the REAL west! I'll make an assumption that you're used to big mountain skiing, being from at least the same state as Jackson Hole.

Avoiding crowds is easy... just go where most people would choose not to go at a given time. Unfortunately, most travellers who are better skiers come to Whistler for the big alpine bowls and extreme terrain, so this is where you'll find the crowds, especially after a dump. A few general bits of advice though; Whistler Mtn is almost always busier than Blackcomb. Go early (duh), and the shortest morning lines are always at the Wizard base in the upper village. Head straight up to 7th Heaven for 2 runs, and after that the lines get longer. Be sure to ski between 11am and 1:30pm, when everyone else is having lunch. The shortest lift lines are always on the Catskinner and Crystal Chairs, both low-speed triples, and both service some great tree skiing which rarely tracks out the first day after a dump. Frankly, if you're going mid-week after the holiday break, crowds shouldn't be an issue at all; lots of lifts won't even have a line. As far as the best expert terrain, there's lots everywhere. Most extreme is up Spanky's Ladder on Blackcomb, and chutes off the Peak on Whistler.

On the trail map, in the past there has been suggested tour routes for seeing as much of both hills in a day as possible. The suggestions are excellent, and it is no problem at all hitting both mountains in a day. Indeed, this gives you a good overview to decide to which terrain you would like to return.

I'm not a club-goer, but the most happening spots are Maxx Fish, the Savage Beagle, and Tommy Africa's.

I'm up there the week following, so I'll miss you, but have a great time!
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Adding to the previous posts:

Apres places: - Merlins @ Blackcomb Base, GLC or Longhorn @ Whistler, Dusty's @ Creekside

Extreme: West Cirque@ Whistler. West Ridge - All the drops off the ridge between West Bowl and Doom&Gloom (Christmas Trees, Elevator). Exhiliration/Excitation - Turn right off Harmony Express, duck rope, climb and look. Climax - Skier's left of Couloir Extreme, Hawaii 5O more left of Climax (be careful,big drops here). Stuff in spanky's Sapphire chutes, calvin&hobbes, all kinds of fun things here. Surf's up-in Blackcomb glacier hard left below blowhole, follow the tracks then look up at Double Rubble (Spelling?) (permanently closed). Trees - CBC out of bounds Blackcomb, Khyber pass,big timber - below highway 86 whistler. Lox-this is the chute between West Bowl and Bagel Bowl, at least I think it is. Weekday chutes, Monday, Tuesday...
And most of this is in-bounds or easy ob. There's lots more if your are B/C equipped (DOA, Flute ......)

Here's some pics I found on the web.

Partying: besides the apres places above there are , Maxx Fish & Tommy Africa's gogo dancers!, Savage Beagle upstairs bar, downstairs dance , Moe Joes (lot of locals, live music sometimes), Buffalo Bills (cougar hunting), Garfinkels (supposed to be the busiest bar in Whistler), Tapleys (above MoJoes), The Boot (not in the village, various forms of live entertainment- Boot Ballet), Hoz's (Creekside local bar)

There's lots to do, unfortunately I usually end up sleeping after a big day, but I'm sure you'll find something.

Check out: for entertainment listings

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you left out the Dubh Linn Gate!!!

Sushi Village does very good Japanese food. If you're hungry during apres, I'd recommend a plate of Merlin's nachos. Very nice, but it's a big plate!

7th Heaven is one of my favourite places on the mountians, although there wasn't much snow there last week. As others have said, off the back of Harmony into the bowls and there's plenty of fun to be had, also on Blackcomb, playing in the trees on the high side of Jersey Cream, and going down into them from the track to the 7th Heaven express can also be good fun.

Hope this helps.

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Fox, oops.

I knew I fogot somewhere, and I do go there sometimes!

There's also Black's, which I have spent a fair amount of time in.
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