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What is the finally tally on the storm that came through last night? Did 18" really fall? :
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10" of wet Sierra Cement at the top of Squaw.
Rain at the base. It was a hideous rainy, slushy, foggy, wet snowy day yesterday in Truckee. Very depressing, as this is my first ever time skiing in Tahoe.

I skied at Sugar Bowl Yesterday and conditions were terrible. Thick, heavy wet crud with a thin crust in spots. Like a real bad day at Okemo, except you could get killed going over a cliff with the bad visibility and ice pellets sand blasting your face. Got soaking wet by noon, Gore Tex and all.

There is some beautiful terrain here. Skied Alpine Meadows on Monday, and loved the terrain also, but it seems like coming to Tahoe is a risky way to spend my cash.

I think I'll stick with Colorado or Utah in the future.

It's going to be 60 degrees in Truckee tomorrow? Geez, that's nice!?!??!!?
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Unbelieveable! Sunday was EPIC, how can it turn so bad so fast? Now I am sad. Not the answer I was looking for
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Definitely not the conditions I'm hoping for either. I'm going to be in Tahoe in 1 1/2 weeks for 2 days over the weekend. Hope some lighter stuff falls before then. If not though, I'll still be out there on the mountain and that's a lot better than skiing.
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Ah, the beauty of the mt. environment. It is constantly changing and testing us in new ways. If it was always the same in here in tahoe would we still want to ski everyday?
Anyway, tahoe local tips: When the weather calls for a 7000 ft snow level, think about mt. rose. (base 8000 feet) or a least squaw so you can stay on the upper mountain (if they keep it open?)
One last thing, the wet storms (ok maybe not as wet as yesterday) are what allows snow to stick to beautiful tahoe steeps to create some of the best steep skiing in the world. cheers, Wade
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Hey Mink! how come your not in Canada?
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Because I am stuck in the land of the employed and have to actually be at work these days

At least I can hope for some nice sunshine over the weekend. If I should go home with a tan, that will make me happy (it's all about setting expectations!)
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