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I plan to spend the last week of February in Chamonix. I am quite an expert skier, but my girl friend is just an intermediate skier. Do you think Chamonix is a good choice ?
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Markus, see the topic
Conditions at Whistler & Chamonix?
I've been there a looong time ago (1993)
and I remember it as a place where you can find anything (difficulty level of slopes)
you look for, so your girlfriend should be ok too.
Since it was April, I skied at the Argentiere
the whole week, and enjoyed every bit of it...
Enjoy. M

Think what You say
Say what You think
but most important
once You've said it, DO it.
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OK, I spent ages writing a really good and informative reply and just lost it. So here's the bare bones.

Chamonix is great for everyone, but intermediates will want more snow cover, as when it's thin, it's those runs which suffer. Advanved - try coming down next to the rock face on skier's right up the top of Grands Montets, Sunshine Bowl over the back of Flegere, or the steeps at Brevent.

Intermediates will love the space on Grands MOntets, especially Canadian Bowl for relatively straightforward off piste, and down under the Bochard bubble is a long sweeping red with some taxing parts if you look for them.

Booze: Wallabies and the Choucas are cliched but good. The Jeckyl does brilliant chicken wings. Bar des Sportifs is a really French place, which is great, but be prepared to be embarassed when they notice you're foreign.

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I was at Chamonix in mid Jan, it is an awesome expert skiers area, and there is plenty of terrain for beginners and intermediates as well. The only problem is the areas are not linked very well( you have to bus between most of them) the areas with the best expert skiing don't always have the best intermediate stuff and vice versa.
Best bet is the Grands Montet, best mix of intermediate and expert although the cable care to the very top may cost extra depending on the type of ticket you get.

If you get a cahnce get a guide and go way off piste, The Valee Blanche is scenic but may not be very challenging depending on where they take you, but the route off the back side of the Grands Montets is great.

Have fun and enjoy France.
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