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You did well. I was going to mention that ski. It's the ski I'm getting for my cousin, who's in pretty much the same zone you're in. Now go have fun on 'em.
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Cool, thanks. I almost had those post-purchase second thoughts, though. I got home and was thinking..."nobody in all of those posts today said anything about these K2's, the only ones mentioned were the Axis...now I've done it, I bought a piece of crap ski that's going to suck..." You know how that goes, so thanks for letting me know that I did alright. As far as price I think I did as well as I could expect at a local shop, $499 for the skis and the Salomon S711 bindings. Does that seem like an ok deal to you?

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jsr!!! Stop second guessing yourself.

$500 mid-season for the skis + bindings is a good deal. Now stop thinking about it - the hard part is done and over with. Go out and have fun, the only decisions you have to make now is where to ski and party in Tahoe area. No running to the rental places, no guessing, etc... just grab your lift ticket and go.

Remeber most skis (just like motorcycles) can handle way more than a pilot can.
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Really, I think you scored a solid deal. You've got gear that's going to be great for you and serve you very well. Absolutely.
ONE reason these skis weren't mentioned is because of the same reason that plenty of other worthy skis weren't; there're simply so many. As has been said - and it's true - there is no shortage of quality skis out there, particularly in the "progressing intermediate/advanced skier" group. You'd've had to work real hard, VERY hard to get some dogs. Now begin the proper worship of your new gear, the way most of the rest of us do.
Hope you'll post on your Tahoe trip.
Rip it up!

(And heck, Keelty has it as a "buy of the year." )

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Well, I'm satisfied!! And you're right eug, most good equipment will probably handle more than the pilot, so I feel great about my purchase, thanks to all of you.
I just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone for their input in this thread. The wealth of information and education I received in less than 24 hours from this posting is amazing and I appreciate it very much!!

Thanks again,

PS. I will definitely post following the Tahoe trip and let you know how it was!!
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When I was shopping for skis my two main choices were between the k2 5500 and the Rossignol T-Power Cobra X. I chose the Rossi but I think that the 5500 would be equally as good if not better. In my experience Rossi skis seem to be more damp, which I prefer. I paid $500 even for the T-powers and Marker 6.2 with ec14 plates. I think you have a great setup with K2 and Saloman.

BTW, If you have any questions about Reno or North Tahoe, dont be afraid to ask.

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I was actually looking at the Marker 6.2 bindings (had my choice of those or the Salomon) and was going to go with them as they actually looked to be a more solid constructed binding with the stainless steel plate in from of the toe piece unlike the Salomon that has plastic. As I was handing the binding to the guy at the store my wife, who had said nothing the entire time we were there, says "you don't think those look feminine?" Well, at that point it really didn't matter what I thought, if she thought they did then they weren't going on my skis, so I ended up with the Salomon. I don't know what she was talking about, they don't look gay at all (how does a binding appear "feminine" anyways???? I didn't know formed plastic and metal could assume a gender...) So, hopefully the Salomon will work out, I still think the Markers would have been a more solid, quality binding from the looks of them, but we'll see. I did notice that the Salomon bindings have a 5 year warranty. Is that pretty much standard across the board for bindings??

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Masculine bindings tend to "pre-release" more than feminine bindings (which appreciate a little talking-to before you just step right on in).
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Haha.. Soemtimes women say the strangest things. I guess it could depend on the color. Mine are Grey. If they were pink maybe I caould feel the same. So far they have been really good bindings, Im pleased with them. However, there are many that dont like the Marker because of the Pre-Release syndrome they are known for, I have never experienced it though. I was torn between the Salomon and Marker too. In the end I just picked the one that I though looked better with the ski. I dont think you can go wrong either way. Alot of experts swear by Salomon, and I have used Markers for year without any problems. I think that people become way too picky with this stuff, too much hype!
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Well, since we're on the masculine vs. feminine discussion (ryan, if you were serious about the "masculine bindings tending to pre-release more than feminine..." there's some humor that could be constructed from that.)

I have a seperate question...actually more of a concern. The guy that's going to Tahoe with me just bought a pair of skis on eBay. They are Elan's, I think NGK or something like that. They are older skis with some shape, but very little 82/70/72 was the cut. Does anyone know if these are mens or womens skis?
Anyone who has any information on these skis, please share.


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you constructed humor where you should have. (and besides that, all the bindings i know go both ways).
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Elan, like alot of ski companies designate the Ladies skis with an "L" or "W" added onto the model name. That ski looks to be a "straight" ski with that minimal sidecut. Think early 90's, big hair, net shirts, David Lee Roth Spandex, and lots or purple and hot pink!
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If he did not get a bright purple one piece to go with the skis you should be Ok.
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It appears that your friend is the one in need of demo skis now! Should the color really start to get to you, buy a can of spray paint....

Congrats on your purchase! You got yourself a solid ski that you probably won't outgrow soon, i.e, you'll get your money's worth.
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Well, if anyone says anything to him I'll let him know he's sporting an early 90's Van Halen look and he should be ok with that.

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