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It's finally snowing (and accumulating) here in Virginia!!! I will be getting my first turns in at Wintergreen ASAP.
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lucky you it's rain on this side of VA. But I will be at wintergreen to for those all mighty first turns!

By the way, just moved to VA from CA in Sep, how is wintergreen? I can't seem to find anyone who skies there. And no I don't plan on comparing it to anything out west, I just want to find a day trip place where I can get some quality turns in and be happy. Thanks!
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Well snow if you are getting rain you must be close by me. Welcome to vertically challenged VA (I am not a native either). Sorry to say Wintergreen is not that good. Day trips are not worth it here. If $$$ is an issue save up a couple of bucks and stay somewhere cheap and away from the mountains. The closest thing we have to good skiing is Snowshoe. Timberline is good too. I have never been to Winterplace, 7 Springs, or Wisp. NC got hit hard woth snow last year, and if it happens again this year I'm gonna drive down and check it out (never been).

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Weather report this morning is calling for 1-1.5' of snow overnight in the middle atlantic!!! I guess I know where I'll be tomorrow morning
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Wintergreen needs another 1000' of elevation, but short of that, they have state of the art snowmaking and do a wonderful job of it. I live an hour away and with my reasonably-priced season pass I can make beaucoup uncrowded turns (best runs are on the Highlands lift) when I can get there on a weekday. On weekends I stay home and fish or play tennis.
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Please bear in mind i am a native new englander living in va right now. i have skied wintergreen a whole lot over the last few years. (mainly because i worked at a shop and skied there for free and it's only an hour away) now that i have looked at their prices i won't be going back this year. they are vertically challenged and you really have to get lucky to get a day when it's not all ice (same thing with Massanutten)

Save your money and take a little extra drive to snowshoe, it's much better. we tend to stick to silvercreek area most of the time--same kind of terrain, but not many people ski there because it is seperated from the rest of the mountain and there is also a terrain park there. Winterplace has about the same conditions as snowshoe, but it is smaller (in between wintergreen and snowshoe)

I have not skied anywhere else in WV but have been told that Snowshoe is the best. In short for your money, go to snowshoe---hope this helps some [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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