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Apex/Big White/Silver Star: FOG ???

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Hi friends. We're nearly set to book 13 days at these resorts, but need a bit of guidance regarding the Fog issue:

Is it really there 75%+ of the time during early January?

Are all 3 resorts equally susceptible to this?

Last year we got NO fog at Sun Peaks; fluke or standard?

Best regards.
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My experience would indicate that is fairly realistic but might be exagerrated slightly. Big White /Silver Star would be similar but not necessarily all elevations. Don't know about Apex but Sun Peaks would be similar. Last year there just wasn't much moisture anywhere most of the year so it's not that great an indicator.
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Thanks L7. So, we pray for more snow = more moisture = more Fog...?

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
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Skied Big White, but not Silver Star. The locals say that Silver Star tends to get a lot less white-out conditions. Big White aka the Big White-out, does sometimes get socked in. We were there on 2 separate trips (Dec & Mar 2001) where there were a couple of days where there were white out conditions like I've never experienced before. We couldn't tell if we were standing up or lying down. It was the first time I'd experience 'motion' sickness due to being so disoriented.

We found that the thing to do is head for the trees when you get white out conditions. The trees will give you a visual point of reference.

However, having said that, we still had a great time and will definitely go back again. The snow conditions were superb, knee-high champagne canada dry powder on most of the days we were there. The village is right on the mountain, so can ski directly to/from the lifts.

Here's hint for you. If you get white-out conditions, ask the liftees or patrollers where the best place is to go on the mountain. They can tell you where to find an area that is clear or less foggy.
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Wizard, tks. Yes, it does seem that BW will experience Fog sometime during our 5-6 days early January.
We had great weather at Whistler this past January (6 SUNNY days, 1 Rainy, 2 cloudy). Maybe it's just luck of the draw...

Planning to stay at Inn at Big White; any thoughts?

Best regards.
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If you had a choice, would you stay longer in Big White or Silver Star (intermediates loving Groomers)?
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I'd take Silver Star myself.
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I'm with L7. You'll enjoy Silver Star.
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All these BC South Central hills are a delight! There is above-treeline skiing there, but the mountains in the interior are made of mostly dirt rather than the craggy rock at Whistler or Banff. Most dirt finds its natural angle of repose at about 60%, so you don't get the super-steeps you will find elsewhere. The weather is much drier than the coast, so about half the snowfall, but the snow is light & fluffy (too much so for me, I like snow with substance).

Sun Peaks and Big White are the larger resorts and have the most terrain and nicest hotels and services, so that is where I would spend more of my time. You can cover most terrain at Apex or Silver Star in a day. All these resorts have a good percentage of high-speed lifts. Lifts lines of more than 5 minutes are a rareity.

There is no fog in the mountains... fog gathers in valley bottoms and the sea and hugs the surface. What you ski in is cloud, which is also responsible for precipitation. Search for resorts that get minimal snow, and the resort will have better visibility more often. Of course, there is a down-side to this...

Have a great trip!
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I skied Silver Star in late Jan and didnt have much Fog, I had low vis due to snow but it was still ok to ski comfortably, IMHO SS is an awesome place I stayed in the green place right opposite the top of the Silver Queen chair which was awesome Ski straight from and to the front door! and 10 min walk from the village if that.
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