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Heading to Taos on Thursday with the family for 1st time. Any suggestions on some good food( I know Ryan and jamesdeluxe have been there recently)?
Looks like most of the Ridge is open now. Should be good times!
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I'm jealous.

Greg, as per my report, I was very satisfied with The Green Apple, in Taos. (Notice the word Taos, by the way, under the lit-up "M" logo at the McDonalds in town. I doubt any other McD's lets you know with signage just WHICH McD's you're eating at.)

James recommends this, though I opted for the roadkill stew.

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for classic New Mexico food in a kid friendly spot that has been there forever, try Don Fernando's on Kit Carson road a block east of the Hwy 64-Kit Carson Road intersection. Very good chile rellenos. Taos has quite a few good restaurants, some are very small, and a fair number of them are transient. Come to think of it, Dolomite Pizza in TSV is also good for kids.
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If staying in town and not on the mountain, be sure and have breakfast at Michael's Kitchen. There is also good steak house several miles out of town in the middle of nowhere past Ranches de Taos. Can't remember the name seems kinda corny like Stake out but it was good food. Apres ski is decent at tim's stray dog up in the ski valley. Friends of mine love their mexican food but I don't. I am more of a Tex-mex kinda guy. I was there two weeks ago and skiing was incredible, best in 3or4 years at Taos. I am planning on going this weekend also.
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