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SL skis in deep ruts

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I race on club courses that form big ruts. Is a straighter sidecut (16m) and longer length (170) better for this condition? I have heard that the 11-12m sidecuts can get tricky after the course is torn up. (guess I just gotta get better so I can get an earlier start)
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NCskier, any ski gets tricky after the course is torn up. The same rules still apply if your can carve through them do so if not throw them into the rut and let the rut do the turning for you.
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If there are ruts go high of the rut that has formed, but many slalom courses recently the ruts have not been as bad as a result of everyone carving their turns rather than skidding. In fact the world cup has seen winners from as far back as bib 64 i believe. the more your ski will carve the less likely it is to make ruts and my guess it will be easier to stay out of them as well, as your ski will handle in a carve much better with a shorter radius.
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