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Where's the snow? Here, baby!

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Tons! Baldy couldn't open yesterday 'cause they were too busy digging out from under 5 FEET of new stuff. Just thought I'd, um, share.
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Hey Ryan
Was that you carving turns down the grape vine?
Don't know if you heard, Hwy 17 over the Santa Cruz mountains(hill) was closed for a while and had chain controls up for the better part of a day. <FONT size="1">

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nah, that was MILESB; mine were mostly skidded. <FONT size="1">

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Ryan, is Waterman open?
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NO! %%$%%$$######!!!!! Stupid Caltrans, clearing the 5, 15, and 14 instead of Angeles Crest Hwy! Probably open tomorrow, I'll be there. Snowed at my house last night.
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I could see all the snow into La Canada and La Crescenta, even on the Verdugos this a.m.
Never skied Mt. Waterman, but heard it is a good little mountain. I'll be at Sierra Summit (formerly China Peak outside of Fresno) this weekend. 6ft of new.
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this is freakin AWEsome, is all i have to say. more comin'? this ensures some PRIME so-cal skiin' for a couple weeks. just STAY COLD.
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Hey, Steve why Sierra Summit? That is a bitch of a drive when there is snow on the road. Takes less time to get to Mammoth. Really fun place to ski, though.
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I'm meeting my brother at my parent's house which is outside of Fresno. Getting our kids together to ski. It was my "home" mountain up till I was about 21. Was there a month ago for the first time in probably 15 years (I'm an ancient 40yr old). Still a fun place, but seems kind of small now. I get the impression that Mt. Waterman and Mtn. High are similar - fun local hills. Been to Mtn. High twice but only on the easy runs with my boys. Never been to Baldy when the lower mountain was open. Have fun this weekend if you're skiing.
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I guess all the Pot growers up in the Santa Cruz mountains are bummed out. That snow is going to play hell with the winter crop!
Craving down the Grapevine? Useing Trucks for Gates? Now that would be exstream skiing.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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WOW! Just got back from 3 days at Mammoth. Almost 7 feet of fresh while I was there. Almost too much. Best skiing ever. Chutes were playgrounds and cornices were cake. The pow made even falling fun. As an easterner I was worried about too much powder, but I tossed out all the articles and advice and just skied it. Once you find the balance point on this skis it's easy to rip it up. Lincoln mountain was perfect. The only disappointment was that they couldn't open the top ridge due to avalanche risk and wind. I guess I'm so spoiled now that the only satisfying alternative here might be Jay Peak.
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Utah49 - there are some big rolling hills/noses that get covered with snow right at Gorman on the grapevine. They would be sooo fun.

TJazz - just think, we get these Sierra dumps nearly every year.
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