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Looking for alternatives

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My wife and 10 year old are planning a spring break trip. This will be only our second time to ski. First time was over thanksgiving at Keystone/Breck. I understand that Breck is a nightmare over spring break. Is this true? Breck is our first choice but would like to know some good alternatives for beginners. We will be driving from Arkansas so Utah, California, Montana, etc. are really not good options. We have considered Durango, Telluride, Snowmass, and others. Can you give any info on these three places. Looking for good beginnier/early intermidiate slopes. Night life is not a concern. Crowds are somewhat of a concern. ANY info and ideas are appreciated.
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This topic has been hit pretty hard here lately so if you just page back through the Resorts and Travel section or do a search of Spring Break you'll find plenty of advice.

My family and I are going to the Breck area the first week in April and understand there may be some crowds. Our plan is to hit some of the not so destination resorts such as A Basin, Loveland, & Cooper in hopes of finding good snow and shorter lines. We will ski Breck and Copper as well if it's not too crazy. I chose this area mostly to try to ensure good snow conditions for that time of year and to give myself some alternatives if we found crowds. It seemed to me to be the safest choice for this time of year with the exception of some parts of Canada. Good luck!!
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Telluride has historically been know for it's expert trails. But with the opening of Prospect Bowl there is an abundance of beginner and intermediate runs. Crowds are non-existent even at Spring Break
I've never waited more than 5 minutes at the main lift (#4) which is
the busiest. Only downside to Telluride is the $ and the remoteness, but then those two things contribute to the lack of crowds.
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Visited Telluride a few years in late March and had rain in town and at the base in mountain village. April may be a bit late for T'ride. It is pretty far south as is Durango. There are plenty of places in Summit County that should be relatively empty in April. Now if your spring break is in March you will have crowds. Loveland is actually on top of the Eisenhower tunnel. There are some great intermediate/beginner areas. Their elevation usually ensures good snow preservation. No slopeside lodging--this is not usually considered a destination resort. Other areas that might not be as crowded and still have decent conditions--Arapahoe Basin, Ski Cooper(not Copper). You could take a day trip to Winterpark as well. The only thing that would ruin your trip more than crowds (or an injury) would be lousy snow or rain. Good luck.
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Originally posted by Coach13:

My family and I are going to the Breck area the first week in April
Got room in a suitcase for your own private instructor?
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Originally posted by Taylormatt:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Coach13:

My family and I are going to the Breck area the first week in April
Got room in a suitcase for your own private instructor? </font>[/quote]The more the merrier. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Tempting, but actually I'm heading to Jamaica right after Easter. By then I will be READY for some sun and sand for a week. It will have been a long season by then...time to break out the clubs!
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Thanks for the replies,
After some research, we are also considering Copper. How do they measure as far as beginner slopes an crowds for the spring break time....
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Great for beginner slopes. From the ski school area, there is a smooth transition from the easiest greens - (starting with the Lumberjack lift) to the more moderate greens off of the High Point lift and the American Flyer lift. Timberline also provides access to the beginner blue runs.

Too avoid crowds, you might inquire about the Beeline Pass - ask Copper lodging. Otherwise it seems that it has been pretty crowded at that time.
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Two lesser known places that would not be too bad a drive from Ark and include some nice mellow terrain (along with tough stuff): Loveland, CO and Ski Santa Fe, NM. Don't think they'd be too crowded either, esp Loveland, which has some absolutely stunning low-intermediate above timberline terrain. Ski Santa Fe offers some fascinating apres-ski possibilities in the city of Santa Fe. Both these options are not too far from bigger name areas if you want to add a little more hustle and bustle to your ski week. Maybe you'd find this story of interest:

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A good bet at outsmarting the rest of the mid western assault on the rockies for a smart razorback would be looking at Snowmass and the Roaring Fork Valley. It won't have the crowds of Summit county, and once there you will see why the world's elite often choose this setting.

The stay does not have to be expensive either. Since you are driving, I would suggest you look into staying at properties in the Glenwood Springs area. The trip up to Snowmass/Buttermilk is easy and pleasant most days. The big advantage is that a beginner like yourself can opt to spend some of your days at Sunlight. It is very inexpensive, family friendly, and maybe the best deal in Colorado skiing. The only groaner is that there are no high speed lifts; but that desire can be alleviated by a couple of days skiing at the Aspen group. Take a look at the links on the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce website. The ski and soak packages are popular, and provide nice variety for a stay there.

...Just a note on the spring break situation. If you look at a map of the eastern rockie slopes, you will see that there are many ski areas on the inside of the eastern ridge of the rockies. All of those in the New Mexico/Colorado ridge will experience their highest loads of the year during spring break(primarily because of ease of access), and this will vary widely by where bus loads of spring breakers opt for their ski days. Any of those areas might disappoint on any given day. ..However; if you take the time to travel the 2 to 4 extra hours to the western slopes of this range, the threat of unmanageable crowds decreases significantly.

Hope you have a great trip!
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