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San Diego Ski Options

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I may be relocating from New England to San Diego and was wondering about local ski options. I have skied in CA many times, but it has been much further north at Tahoe or Mammoth.

What are typical drive times from San Diego to decent ski areas?
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Isn't there a Magic Mountain at Disneyland?
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Big Bear resorts (Bear Mtn and Snow Summit) offer a regular ski season due to MEGA snowmaking. Good stuff. I skied Summit two weeks ago in spring conditions when it was 90-degrees down the hill. Waterman and Baldy in the San Gabriels offer more challenging skiing (some of the challenge having to do with coverage, as neither is much into making snow). If we get it, though, and you want some trees and steeps, the latter two will get it done, assuming ample coverage.
Mountain High in the San Gabriels also makes snow and offers a dependable season.
Be aware that you are now in Boarderlands.

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The Big Bear resorts are the only ones within a reasonable drive time from SD. About 1.5 to 2 hrs, I believe. They are having a really good deal on season passes for next year, if you hurry.
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Ok The best skiing close to San diego is You Guessed it Utah! Thats right save up your Air Miles and fly 1.5 Hours from San Diego to Salt Lake City. Now your thinking this guy is nuts. I lived in San Diego for over 20 years and Use to Drive to Mammoth to ski on long weekends. a 7.5 to 8 hour drive. I found it was cheaper and less hassle to Fly into Salt Lake City get a cheap room in Sandy Ut then ski Alta, Snowbird , Solitude or even on the Park City side, then it was to ski at Mammoth. So my suggestion isn't that far out after all. By The way from San Diego area to Big Bear is 2 to 3 hours depending on Traffic.

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I live in Los Angeles county and I refuse to frequent any of the Southern California resorts - they are far too crowded. Big Bear and Snow Summit brag that they have over 400 acres between them. They operate over 20 lifts. I've never been there, but I can't imagine needing 20 lifts for 400 acres. I did try Mt. High last year. That was pretty miserable. We spent all of our time dodging snowboarders littered across the runs.

I would echo what Utah49 said. Spend a little more and go to Utah. Flights are pretty cheap to SLC. You also might consider Brian Head in Southern Utah. It's only a couple of hours north of Vegas.

Then again once you get accustomed to San Diego, you'll become like all the other San Diegans. You'll start complaining any time the temperature budges from 72 degrees and you'll never want to see snow again.
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yah im a former socal resident who now lives bout an hour away from tahoe . Sad to say that your only real local choices is big bear consisting of snow summit and bear mountain. Snow summit is a tad better for me though the snow is just about gone now. Plenty up in tahoe though!
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Thanks for the suggestions! I have heard the SoCal ski areas are crowded. Skiing Utah instead of Mammoth or Tahoe is an option I didn't consider. Utah, Mammoth and Tahoe are all great places to ski.
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You're telling us that you've done your last run on this?

Say it ain't so!
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If you do any XC skiing, then you can always get a few days worth over the winter at the Laguna Mtns., an hour or so east of San Diego.

Do you know yet where exactly you'll be living?
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you indicate your refusal to visit a couple hills you mention, pronouncing them far too crowded, yet you've never been to either. you have to admit, that is an interesting brand of empiricism.
Also, could it be the "bragging" you refer to ("400 acres") might just as easily be a statement of fact, simple information? Many hills do list their acreage (as well as number of chairs).

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If you are going to ski in LA on the weekend, go to Baldy or Waterman. Actually, if you just ski on weekdays, go there. If you can't find challenging enough terrain there, you have no business living out of the mountains. Of course, if they don't have snow...
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Jamesdeluxe is a trouble making teaser, showing Magic Mtn snow porn of the Sorcerer trail like that!
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Originally posted by Talisman:
Jamesdeluxe is a trouble making teaser, showing Magic Mtn snow porn of the Sorcerer trail like that!
The sad thing is, this year that trail suddenly became the worst trail on the mountain. When I was a kid, that was a savage mogul run. This year is was groomed everytime I went to Magic, and most of those were powder days. Real snow porn would be a picture of the black line after the new years snowstorm. I had first tracks.

As far skiing in the San Diego Area you can put your shaped skis to their proper use... WATER SKIING! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by MittersillManiac:
[QBThe sad thing is, this year that trail suddenly became the worst trail on the mountain. [/QB]
That's your opinion Mitts. I hit it in about every imaginable condition this year. It's consistently one of the best on the hill. Powder, fluffy bumps, flat corn, corduroy, slush bumps.
Delivered each time.
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