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I have a chance to get a good price on a pair brand new but must act soon. I have been demoing shapes this year after coming from 190-195 straight rec-SL's. I would say I am a level 7 on modern equipment. I am 5'10" 160 45yo, ski in the East 90% groomed/hardpack/ice/crud at moderate speeds. Not overly interested in bumps but would like to survive them, as well as maybe a very occasional foray in easier glades. Here's a very brief rundown on what I've demoed this year, in chronological order:

K2 escape 5500 174cm - wanted more beef

Volkl V4 motion 177cm - very stable but a bit long feeling

Volkl Carver motion - 170 had good grip, 177 had good stability

Bandit X 177 - felt heavy and clumsy in short turns

Beta R:9 180cm - light, nimble, everything the Bandit wasn't. Would like to try 170

Beta carv C:9.18 170cm - felt flimsy & generic after the R:9

Sceneo S400 170cm - unbelievable edge grip, great carve but hard to cruise/relax on

I'm thinking about the 170cm in the Cross Ti.

Any input would be greatly appreciated... thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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