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Travel around SLC

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Not really a discussion topic more advice from those knwoledgeable of the SLC ski-areas.

Booked next year's trip and will be staying in Park City. So no problem getting to The Canyons or anything else in the same valley on the available shuttles. However, what about getting to Alta and Snowbird from PCMR?

The guy I booked the condo through suggested bussing into SLC and out again? This sounds a)cumbersome and b) ski-time consuming. Are their any local alternatives short of renting a car? Thanks [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Just YESTERDAY I threw away the card I had from one of the local taxi places.

There are all sorts of private shuttle places that'll get you to Alta or Snowbird. The price varies depending on what form or transport and how many in your party. If I recall it was something like $25 pp
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At one time Lewis Bros. took you out to Snowbird and back (from Park City) basically for free. You paid the cost of the lift ticket - Lewis Bros gave you the voucher - and you got transportation. No idea whether or not this is still in effect. Anyway, you do have choices.

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moving to Travel forum.
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I think PCMR can arrange a shuttle daily to either LCC or BCC. It will NOT be a problem.
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Well you could always drop off the back of Jupitor Bowl then drop to skiers right and you will hit the parking lot at Brighton. If thats to much for you then Lewis Bro Stages is your best bet.
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As Maggie noted, most companies were about $25 p/p r/t to Snowbird/Alta from PC last season. I've always recommended looking into rental vehicles if you're planning to take more than 1 trip to the other "canyons".
It is about an hours drive/ride in good conditions and if you do rent a vehicle be sure it is 4 wheel drive or you may get turned away at the mouth of the canyon on a powder day!
Anyway you do it, you definitely should spend at least a day exploring the cottonwood resorts...

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