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Squaw Valley....

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I need some advice from skiers in the Lake Tahoe area.

I'm staying in Reno for a week in January and I'll be skiing at Squaw Valley at least two of those days. I booked through the resort so I could get a discount on the hotel and lift tickets, but I only got a two day ski pass because I wasn't sure if I'd want to ski there all week. I've always wanted to ski Kirkwood... (But I'm not sure if I can get there without renting a car.)

Anyway, my question is: Should I check out another mountain while I'm out there (if so, which one?), or should I call Squaw Reservations back and just get a 5 day pass?
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Skiing Squaw the whole week since you seem to be staying someplace local within walking distance would let you really get to know this large resort It is the kind of world class mountain an advanced skier can really appreciate. On the other hand if you are into getting a taste of what Tahoe offers, you will need to rent a car although there is public bus transportation, TART. Problem is travel around the huge lake is slow with resorts spread around a large area. If you are a good advanced skier, sample Alpine Meadows by public transportation since it is very close by and Kirkwood if you can rent a car or figure out how to get around the lake to the KW bus which leaves early in the morning from South Lake Tahoe. -dave
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You should at least spend a day or two at Alpine Meadows which is right next door. You'll need a car for anything else, but the other two options on the North Shore would be Sugarbowl (great terrain with a lot of character) and Northstar which has mellower runs and more tree skiing.

Kirkwood is great, but an hour drive from the North Shore IF the pass through Emerald Bay is open, otherwise much longer. Don't bother with Heavenly. I suggest sticking on the North Shore.
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Well, I hadn't considered Alpine Meadows, but since you both suggested it, I'll have to give it a try.

And I didn't realize Kirkwood was so far away. Maybe next time. I'm on the eastcoast (actually dropped below freezing last night) and it seems like we're always hearing about the huge dumps Kirkwood gets. I guess it doesn't matter, though. I'M GOING SKIING OUT WEST!!! (That's every eastern skiers seasonal goal. Add to that the fact that I skied at Killington back in early November and I haven't really even considered skiing since, thanks to this wonderful MOUNTAIN BIKING weather we've been having.)

Thanks guys.
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Please note that Sugarbowl is $35 on Tue,Wed, Th if you pay with visa or cash. Look on the Alpine Meadows website to see if there are any POWDR Card days during your stay. Tickets will be $35 as well on those days. The card is free and available at most Reno/Tahoe ski shops.
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