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Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

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Looking at a possible ski trip to Italy next year Jan, Feb or Mar.

Have seen Cortina d'Ampezzo mentioned as one of Europes the top 10 ski resorts but don't know a lot about it.

If you have anymore information please post it her (e.g. School holiday times, good accomodation deals, alternative resorts)

Grazie mille


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Your name suggests a thirst for terror (I naturally assume that "Dangerous" is nothing to do with your skiing style).
Whatever, you may not find what you're looking for in Cortina.
I spent a day there when I was skiing the Dolomites, and didn't rate the skiing. It's really not very testing. Pretty bland, in fact.
The core network of the 'Sella Ronda' - Selva, Arabba, Corvara - has a lot more to offer. The slopes above Arabba are particularly good. Selva and Corvara are good places to stay.
There's a worthwhile drink they do in that area involving a mix of sparkling wine and lemon sorbet.
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I've been to Cortina twice and agree there is better skiing further west but the town is fabtastic, loads of great shops, restaurants, bars etc. It is expensive though as it's a mecca for the Italian glitterati.

That said though, we found the costs quite reasonable. The skiing is relatively spread put in three different locations and the areas clos to Cortina are not very challenging. There are several areas a 45min bus ride away ( Cinque Torre and Larguzoi ) that are better.

I also prefer the Sella area and have found Val di Fassa, specifically Campitello to be good for us, although may find it too quiet. It has a gondola right in town which gives you access to good fields above Campitello, whil Canazei, about 2km further east, connects to the Belvedere area.

The great thing about the Dolomites is that all the resorts are interconnected and acccesible on the same ticket, so you can ski forever. Last time we were there,in February 2000 we totalled over 100km in a single day. All high speed cruising on well groomed blues and blacks.

The lift system is very modern and grooming and snow making extensive. If you decide to go to Cortina in particular or the Dolomites in general and want more information on hotels etc e-mail me.
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