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30% Normal Prediction for CO?

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Hey - a friend back at one of my old home turf mountains in CO said there are predictions all over the news out there right now for a 30% of normal snowpack this coming season.

Now we all know how wrong weather predictions can be, lets not bother to debate such. What I'm curious about is if other people have been seeing such predictions out there as well? Seems like there would be strong forces behind the scenes to squash the publication of any such predictions - because people are making their winter plans right now, and CO businesses certainly doesn't want to lose the tourism $.

He said he saw it on the TV news, and that the major resorts have acknowledged it and said they have enough water to make snow anyways.

You guys seeing such predictions on the air/print out there?
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Haven't heard that, however, the Summit Daily News reported that Denver Water is very interested in cloud seeding in Summit County this winter, which, conceivably could increase precipitation by 15 to 30 percent.

Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.
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Same as Otter, I have heard no dire predictions on the Denver news. This article was in todays paper.
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I'm curious of the reasoning behind these thoughts...

I, on the other hand think it's going to be an epic year!
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Haven't heard anything like that prediction at all, Todd. I don't know where your friend heard it, but it is certainly not "all over the news." It is true that CURRENT water levels in reservoirs and streams have been commonly reported as 30% of normal--or even lower--throughout the summer. Dillon and Green Mountain Reservoirs, in my area, are frighteningly low.

But I have heard no real predictions one way or the other about the coming season (except that the Farmer's Almanac is optimistic for a GOOD winter). And you know as well as I do how much those predictions would be worth anyway....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I saw a report that the former Hurricane center director did on winter precipitation last week. His maps indicated a normal level of precipitation for the U.S. rocky mountain states, with an indication that lower levels of precipitation could be expected farther north up the continental ridge. He strongly indicated that no-one knows just how severely the El Nino effect will be on any parts of the continent; but with that factor out there, forecasts could vary wildly. ---- Down here in Texas they are forecasting warm and wet!!!!
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Ok that is 2 reports in favor of snow and none against.
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Yeah - the person who told me this is a great guy, and high rated free-skier, but definately an exaggerator by nature (hope he doesn't read this!).

I couldn't find an such info widespread on internet searches, so I would have been suprised to hear it really was widespread in CO newspapers and TV/Radio.


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I remember being told that weather forecasts are completely useless more than a week into the future. So how can anyone know yet?
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Stuff I've seen on the current El NiƱo event looks like it's going to be a mild one. FWIW. Anyone seen anything to the contrary?
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The only related info I've run into is at
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As a side note, even if we only got 30 percent of normal snow pack if the tourists didn't know it, they probably wouldn't be the wiser. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit, but I think the majority of ski tourists that come here are made up of families who will spend most of their time on the green & blue runs, with a bit of venturing into the blacks. The people who make up the majority of posters on this site obviously don't fit that mold. But I do agree if the media started throwing 30 percent around it would hurt some of the early bookings this year. If we do get more snow, the media would hook onto that and the tourists will flock later in the season in record numbers.

Let's just hope our tactful governor doesn't pull another version of his famous wildfire blunder announcing on national television that "All of Colorado is burning this summer", pulling a similar speach such as "All of Colorado is dry this winter" he's still getting help pulling his foot out of his mouth over that one.
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