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Alta Cat Skiing

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Alright, since I have become the unofficial, unpaid, unknown guy who is all for Alta, heres some more info:

Alta is now doing cat skiing in Grizzly Gulch, across/next to the ski area. I checked with the ski school, who is providing this service, and they said it will cost $200 for 5 runs. That would actually amount to a lot of vertical. They operate after storms, so the pow should be great. The lady I spoke with said there may be a waiting list. For more information call 801-742-2600.

Somebody let me know if they have done this, I am curious.

Edit: Now info posted on their web page: http://www.alta.com/cat.html

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Was backcountry, now another disneyland for rich bastards who won't walk.
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I am there! Cat skiing is cool.
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