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Ski Boot troubles!

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I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the last couple of years and the boots that I purchased near the end of last season seem a little too loose on me now. I purchased them to replace another pair I had less than a year that were also too big. (In 2 years my feet have gone from a size 10 1/2 wide to an 8 1/2 or 9 regular). I could wear extra socks I suppose, but my feet get cold when I wear more socks, no matter what kind I try. They are not terribly loose, but I can now buckle them on all of the tightest buckles, When I got them they had to be on the loosest, opened up as far as they can be. I paid quite a bit for these boots and they are very comfortable, I really don't want to part with them. I was wondering if anyone knows of something that might help to snug them up a little. They are Soloman Evolution 8.0 Ladies boots.

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Well, personally, I'm a poor high school student with growing feet who wears boots 1 1/2 sies too big anyway, and it doesn't bother me a whit. I kind of like the extra comfort. If you're having trouble getting the shell tight enough, try tightening your micro adjust all the way (you should be able to spin your buckles to make them tighter or looser.) If that's still not enough tightness, you can move the notched piece the buckle fits into. There should be a screw that you undo. You'll probably want it on the rightmost hole, looking at the boot from the front. What kind of boots are they?
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