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Whistler weather in January?

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We are contemplating to go to Whistler middle to late January for a seven day trip. What is the weather we can expect then? Is it really cold there?

And how do this years snow conditions shape up?

Thanks for any help... ...Ott
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The official resort website has all the stats set out: http://www.whistler-blackcomb.com/we...tats/index.asp

January is the coldest month, but even then the temp ranges each day between -12 to -5 Celsius, or 11 to 23 Farenheit, at alpine levels. Thanks to the low altitude and maritime climate, the temperature is much more moderate than, say, the Rockies.

They hope to break records in terms of December snowfalls (12 feet total, 2 metre base), and in addition January is a relatively quiet period between the Christmas-New Year and February peaks, so it should be an excellent time to go.

Now if only it would snow in France...


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Whistler proximity to the Pacific makes extremely cold weather unlikely. That said, there could be high winds and low visibility especially in the alpine, but I guess you take that chance just about anywhere.

Snow conditions have been great this year. We've had high pressure lingering over the area for the last week, but before that we were getting lots and lots of precip.
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Thanks, guys. I have requested a ski in/ski out accomodation which doesn't cost a mint. If I can't get one of those then we need one where the shuttle loads at the front door and lets off at a lift. Old age is getting to us. Skiing is easy but lugging equipment any distance is killing us.

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When are you going to be in Whistler?
I will be there from Jan26-feb2
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Don't know yet, dchan. It still is in the works and it may or may not happen.

I'll let you know...SkiCan.com is working on it...

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