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Howz Utah been?

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Heading back to my old haunt after many years away (reformed ski bum).

Looking for a few tips for next week in Utah.
Weather looks pretty solid. Good conditions? Dumb question?

Alta: has anyone skiied under Wildcat? I have always skipped up to Germania, Supreme, and have never really explored Wildcat. Am I missing anything epic?

Skiing T-F-S-S. With no crowds, I'd ski solitude, alta, snowbird, alta/snowbird. How are the weekend crowds? Is there a better way to get away from the crowds (solitude on Saturday?)

Parking tips at the bird? tram or gad?

Looking forward to the new backside of the bird. And the new Honeycomb chair at Solitude.

Do you need chains to go up the canyon? or is an explorer OK? Do the rental agencies have em?

Staying on Wasatch blvd. Any tips on good eats?

Hopin for the powder chowder.

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I've been good. How are you 420? Oh wait your asking about skiing here in Utah. Ok here is my take on things. To get away from the crowds and score a few fresh tracks head north to the Ogden Valley. Snowbasin is my new favorite Utah Mountain. For Powder head to Powder Mountain. by the way it is snowing as i write this and weather reports show snow off and on thru the weekend.
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It's all good.
The weather forecast looks sweet.
Hopefully catching first chair one week from today.
I can't wait to see Katherine and Alf again. It's been too long.
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I just got back from Utah and had a great time. Unfortunately, we didn't ski Alta (you can't do everything) but I loved the new Mineral Basin part of Snowbird. We were actually staying at Solitude, which was very reasonably priced for slopeside access and had a very good ski school program for kids. Honeycomb Canyon is the best place to ski at Solitude but the other runs were generally too short for my taste, given the slow chairs. In my view, if you have to ride a slow chair, the runs should be long to make up for it. As of Tuesday 2/17, the canyon roads were completely clear. I can't comment on the Ogden area mountains except to say that everyone who I spoke to out there who has skied them, loves them. They are just a little too far away for us and lodging is somewhat limited.
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Utah from what I read was pretty sick earlier in the season:

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