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Utah in February

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Sorry if you saw this on the general forum.

Heading out to the Canyons for a week. Probably will ski there 3 days if it's decent and 3 at alta/bird and maybe snowbasin or powder mountain. I can go anytime other than the first 3 weeks of march. I was thinking the week before president's day, which I know for most people is the week before vacation week. Should the crowds be managable at this time and how should the conditions be?

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Conditions should be in midseason form by then - good quality base and always a chance of a dump - and as long as you're heading out by Feb. 14, crowds will be a non-factor. Go for it.
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crowds post MLK & pre pres day are non existant. Its a reat time to come.
with so many world class resorts so close why are you limiting your self to 2 maybe 3? venture into Big Cottonwood Canyon & the rest of Park City
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