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What to ski at Sugarloaf?

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All right.. looks like I'll be hitting Sugarloaf in a couple of weeks (for the Reggae Fest), probably for 1 day, maybe 2. What are some of the must do's there?

I like steeps, narrow stuff. Trees and narrow winding trails are also a lot of fun. Basically, love the challenge of 'varied' terrain (as some resorts put it; terrain features.. i.e. rocks, dips, etc.)
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Wedge, Winter's Way, Bubblecuffer for windy steep bumb trails.

Narrow Guage for a long downhill course trail.

Toat Road for a great 3 mile blue cruiser.

Skidder for great fall line bumps.

Snowfields, if open, for varied terrain.

At least those were the goods for me growing up at the Loaf 10-15 years ago!
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