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Sun Valley

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I skied Sun Valley over Christmas. The amount and quality of the snow is the best I've seen at Sun Valley for this time of year since I've been skiing there. It was awesome!
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I was also in Sun Valley over Xmas. It was pretty good. The bump runs were the best because there was never more than 2 people on them at a time. I couldn't believe the small amount of skiers there for Xmas. I kept expecting more people to show up the next day. It never happened. Over 5 days, I only waited in line maybe 6 times and it took less than 5 minutes in the longest one.
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I just got this email:
My name is Brian Alley and I work for the Sun Valley Resort Sales Department. I wanted to invite you and your clubs to come visit us 1/13 – 1/17/02. You can stay and ski in Sun Valley for $99 a night based on double occupancy. The snow has been falling and the skiing is incredible! Hope to see you here!

Any info on this deal? Whats going on there?
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By all appearances they are seriously in need of more people on the mountain. I was bumming off wealthy relatives. $99 is a really good deal for lift ticket and housing. I think a day pass on Baldy is over $60. They don't even give a good discount for extended visits. They do run much better deals during non-peak times, however.

Watch the weather reports. The week I was there it was absolutely clear all week. The jet stream has shifted. All the weather they were getting early in the season was coming across Washington and Oregon. We drove across Oregon in a heavy snowstorm. When we crossed the border we didn't see a cloud the rest of the week until we left Boise for home.

I skied there last February. They have much better coverage this year. I tended to stay away from the popular blue runs except when I was warming up and when I got tired of the bumps. I really enjoyed the huge variety of bump runs. But there was no fresh snow during the Xmas break.
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