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Jackson trip on March 3rd.. should I go somewhere else?? Where?

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I keep reading reports as to how it is a real bad snow year there. Should I just go somewhere else? If so, which places are actually having a good year?
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It would be the worst year ever if JH doesn't start getting snow. With 7-8 weeks to go before late March I think your chances are ok for decent snow. March is usually a big snow month so keep dancing and praying for snow.

JH did get 9 over the last 24hours with more expected. Also don't get to discouraged by any locals report. We are jaded by the last five years (or more) of great snow. Much depends on what you are used to. If you are an eastern skier Jackson's snow will seem soft. If you are a western skier, this year JH will seem like ice. All can change instantly with a big dump. 9 inches is a start.
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Back from my first trip to Jackson last week. I am a CA skier. Steeps are my favorite. The terrain at JH is awesome, and the scenery beautiful. But spring skiing conditions prevailed: a bit icy (not East Coast ice) in the AM, softening PM. All the steep chutes (Alta, Tower 3, Corbett's, etc.) were closed. They look as if they need at least 2-3 ft to open. If you want adventure, bring your rock skis. Even the groomers will nibble on you. I hammered on my new G30s for 4 days. I decided not to ski a fifth.
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Go to Vail. My last 3 ski days over the last two weeks.

1st day- 15 inches new powder
2nd day- 8 inches new powder
3rd day- 9 inches new powder

Like a few other resorts, Vail seeds the clouds and the results are great. Even if it hasn't snowed in a few days, you can always find fresh powder if you know were to look. Obviously the terrain is not the same as Jackson, but there is snow.
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Go to Vail??????????? please!!!!!!!!!!!
You have plenty of time for JH to catch up. Its been snowing in Big Sky for a week and the skiing is epic. keep your plans intact. Vail is as flat as a golf course.
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Mack, I just skied 5 days at JH last week, It is a bit icy. But we still found alot of places to go that had decent snow. Everyone was saying how bad the conditions were. Being from PA, I didn't think they were that bad. (as trouthead says, "the locals are spoiled") Having skied the 9-10" on fresh last Thursday. We found plenty of fresh tracks. One area that we skied heavily was Saratoga bowl off of the AV lift. It is an area that is often overlooked and underused (much to my delight!!) The snow there was the best on the mountain all week. My skiis did get pretty banged up from the rocks though. Have fun and think snow!
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Patience, Grasshopper.

the snow will come.

if it is thin in JH, try targhee or big sky, just a couple hours away.

i think targhee has about the best base in the west right now?

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Would be nuts to bail on JH. They're getting their snow now; and their terrain is tops.<FONT size="1">

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Go to Jackson. You will make more pilgrimages there. You must go to understand.
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It has been snowing on and off for the last week or so at Jackson. Right now it is very cold (sub zero at night) with 7-10 wishfully predicted for tonight (Fri). That would be an unusuall condition of snow and very cold temps. It can make for super snow. Looks like the jet stream is no longer split and JH should be getting some decent to great conditions. No put down of Vail, but it sure isn't JH.
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Vail reports their year to date snowfall total at 204" and Vail is sweet right now!!!
Jacskon reports 225" but due to the steep (and incredibly mind blowing) nature of the terrain at JH, that's just not enough, but sure enough come March they'll be up around 300 (at least) and when JH is nice, there is no other place I would rather be in the world.
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I am sticking with Jackson.

a - things are looking up
b - not like I have a choice.. the lodging was pre-paid and it turns out is is non-refundable.

I am VERY excited. Not only some great skiing but am going to spend some quality time with some old friends. I love skiing, but #1 in my list is the time spent with loved ones, especially ones that I don't get to see often.
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JH is getting more snow, unfortunately they also experienced the 1st death in their O.B. Avalanche/ skier by himself.
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