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Schweitzer Mountain - Idaho?

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Hello everyone;

I'm newly registered to this forum, and I've been looking thru past postings for some information regarding Schweitzer.

My question is:

I'll be doing a quick 5 day ski tour out of Spokane in March, 2004. The plan was to spend all the time at Fernie, with a side trip to Kimberly. While looking at Mapquest, I noticed that I basically have to go by Schweitzer to get to Fernie, so I decided to spend a day there (add another mountain to the list...).

In looking at the limited data available on their web site, this appears to be a pretty large mountain.

Should I plan to spend two of my five days there, or will one be enough?

home resort: Sunday River, Me
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You're heading to the wrong mountain. Look north-northwest of Spokane just across the Canadian border to the town of Rossland & Red Mountain Ski Area. Its 3 1/2 hours from Spokane (compared to 2 for Schweitzer). Red Mountain has great terrain, good snow and a great attitude. Rossland is an old mining town with a lot of character. Plan to spend at as much time there as you can, you won't regret it.

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I'm with rio.

Schweitzer sucks. Expensive, icy and foggy. I skied there once, and got a pair of skis stolen! never again, the terrain was not good nor was the snow.

Red Mtn and Whitewater have much better snow and terrain. however, if you're a "resort" skier you won't like them, because they're very simplistic.
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They can all be a bit sketchy in March too. Last winter i met my dad in Spokane, we drove up to Red and had a few good days skiing there. The skiing is a blast at Red. I call it video game skiing, if you ski fast, things come up so fast you cant plan ahead, just react. We had some decent skiing wet and heavy powder on most of the mountain, but it rained on the lower half of the mountain. We then went back down to Schweitzer. I'd really like to hit that place in good conditions it looks great. I skied there a couple years ago and it was complete coral reef. Venturing off groomer was out of the question. And if i have nothing to do but run groomer for a couple days it gets scary. Last season, we sat in our hotel room and watched it rain for two days. Not alot to do in northern idaho in march when it is pouring. We did go back to Spokane early and got to see old school at the mall and hit a pretty good sushi bar though.

Had a similar experience the previous March at Fernie, rain low and snow high.
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Thanks for the info, and the alternative suggestions.
My wife and I have already spent a week at Red/Whitewater,
back in 1999, and we loved it.

We're trying to go different places, just to find out what's out there. I've heard that Fernie is a great place (conditions permitting), so that's the reason we're heading there.

As far as going in February rather than March, March is my wife's birthday, and this is part of her yearly vacation taken as part of the celebration, so I can't re-schedule (also, we got frequent flyer tix from Boston to Spokane, and you can't beat free).

While I may ski mostly at "resorts" in the East (home mountain is Sunday River, which is certainly a resort) I much prefer being in the trees, so I think I'll have fun pretty much anywhere we end up.

So, I'm pretty much locked in to Fernie, and since Schweitzer's on the way, I want to ski there also, even its only for 1 day.

Thanks again;
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Well, West, whatever you do, go to Fernie first, and stop at Schweitzer on your way home if you have to. Stuff some extra cash in your pocket and see if you can book a day out of Island Lake Lodge or Fernie Snow Cats for some back country. Or zag up to Panorama instead of Schweitzer, and hit the new Taynton Bowl. If the snow's good, you won't want to leave Fernie, I assure you.
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