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Seasons pass price war in New Zealand

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The 2001 ski season is going to be a cheap one for those that get in early enough. So for those of you thinking of coming down under, or those Kiwis that are working the northern hemisphere suggest you hop on and order your pass online. Mt Cook have a 'Triple Mountain Pass' for Coronet Peak, Remarkables and Mt. Hutt for $299 NZD - this not bullshit, it is for real. This works out at $129 USD. Coronet is charging $68 day for adult lift pass so you only have to do 4 days to make on the deal. Can order online at

Cardrona and Treble Cone have also matched the $299. Offers expires at end of April, but all have said numbers are strictly limited, so when they reach their limit it is back to the usual rates.

The other astonishing thing is Mt Cook have also arranged FREE lift passes for Triple Mountain pass holders at Vail, Beaver, Keystone as long you stay in lodgings at Keystone. Must be a catch there somewhere!
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Yeah I got that flier in the mail last week and I'm definitely getting mine. The catch for the deals in the US is that you must book your entire US trip through one of a couple of booking agents and stay in specifed lodgings so not really such a great deal. Most of the other discounts are useless but you can't argue with $299.
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Mate...I'm thinking of crossing the Tasman just to pick up the pass!

That is so cheap.....Our resorts has a similar battle last year, but only for locals...and no where near that cheap....Mind you, I was peeved last year in NZ - no snow!

I'll think I'll be picking up a Treble Cone one...I don't like Coronet Peak/The Remarkables...


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Can buy Treble cone and Cardrona passes online too.
www.treblecone.co.nz www.cardrona.co.nz

We are only buying Treble Cone passes, we only ever do one or two days at the other resorts (if their snow is okay) so not worth it. Much rather do extra days at Treble Cone, much more interesting. Almost bought the Coronet Peak pass, and considered changing our holiday next year from Canada to Keystone, but after talking to the travel agent, I think the accomodation ($240 night at River Run) and our weak dollar will make it too expensive. And we don't want to stay in one town for 3 weeks, want to hit the road.
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Cardrona don't want to be outdone by Coronet, they have just announced a triple mountain pass with Whakapapa and Turoa. They are both in the North Island, might attract a few North Islanders down south. Cardrona pass also gives $20 discount at other major skifields including Treble Cone.
The Treble Cone pass also has the discounts but I don't know how much yet.

2001 is the year to holiday in NZ if you can get your passes early enough.
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The cheap passes are still available, they have all said numbers are limited but the limits must be high - so it is not too late! I am just trying to boost our tourism ecomonmy here, enticing you all to come here and spend your overseas dollars in our country. If the ski areas do well then they can spend money on improvements (so I am not telling you all about this great deal because I want to share, I have selfish motives)
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Yeah, pass wars are great! I got a pass at a local hill for my wife, my sister, and myself for......$300.00 total!
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Nice price for a ticket at Cadrona/Treble Cone if you are going to get the days in.
Last year there seemed to be quite alot of skiers from the North Island at both fields. Looks like they have done their research.
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