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Info On European Destinations

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I really like this website... It's pleasantly pitched halfway between a promotional website for European ski areas, and a scathingly honest review board. Here in the States, it's either one or the other.

Check out these two, just to give you an idea: http://www.ski-europe.com/resorts/tignes.html
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those mega-resorts in France located in the western part of the Alpes (and the list goes on: Chamonix, 3-valleys, Morzine-Avoriaz i can tell from the top of my head) are B.I.G. It has to be noted though that the French went into their mountains building ski areas with only engineering and commercial issues having been appearant retentions. It is as, if there would have been trees above a line where they did not want them, they just would have dropped the bomb. The final climax of this approach has been the installation of sport venues and slopes for the Albertville Olympics.
In Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and also in the U.S and Canada, it is and always has been much harder to "develop" ski areas due to sometimes violent opposition from environmental groups and governmental regulation. Environmentalists, hippies, ski bums and so forth have always been considered an obscourity (of other countries). And those other countries do not have so many big mountains, too. C'est la grande nation! So they went and built ski resorts like they built nuclear power plants. Am i against it and the French anyway? Nope, i've been there and i enjoyed it and they are not building this back anyway and i will go there again.
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