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PCMR: when will King Con open?

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heard some great things about the runs underneath...no mention on resort website about this lift opening...heard anything??
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eyedoc, King Con might be open vary soon we have been getting a lot of snow in the last few days. They also have been blowing a ton of snow. The runs off the King Con ridge to skiers left ( dropping you back to the King Con Chair ) are pretty much blue runs. They are also west faceing so it can be Vary Cold and hard packed in The Morning. The runs to the right are some long semi steep Blacks That are a blast on Powder Mornings. If you drop off to the right the runs will take you to the Payday lift or The Ski Team lift. Thayens Canyon is Open so is the Jupiter lift. So Far this is the best early season skiing we have had in at least 5 years.
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McConkey's and Pioneer are scheduled to open on Friday, and if we're really lucky patrol may get the Peak open on Saturday. King Con, will obviously be one of the last chairs left to open, but I'm really not sure when. I would have to guess probably in another week or two, there sure seems to be enough natural snow to get things rolling down there. But, as mentioned above, with all the snow we've had, and is still coming down, things are looking like they'll be awesome for the next few weeks!
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I asked a ski patrolman the same thing and he said that they had not had big enough crowds to open it. In the meanwhile Mcconkeys bowl, and the runs off of Jupiter are great!
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