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deer valley this thur/fri

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going to deer valley thur and fri (1-15/16). anyone else going to be there? my routine is about 1/3 each blue/dbl blue/blk, but whatever works.
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My wife and I were there last week. Had great conditions and no wait. Last week the Empire Chair had some nice off piste trees. Low angle powder and reasonable (not too tight spacing) in Lady Morgan. If you're looking for some dbl-blue treees, that would be a nice spot. Exit to the right from the Empire Chair, head down the cat walk gather a bit of speed at the fork and climb the 'knob' to the right. From the top of the knob, ski the bumps down to the trees. TAKE THE SECOND TRACK OUT of the woods or you'll be climbing back to the lift a bit! Have fun
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I have to work. Seeing as this is late Thur and I have to work Fri and Sat I can't ski again untill Sunday. Since i have only skied DV once this season might be a good day to get some turns in there. There was an artical on Deer Valley in todays salt Lake Trib it is worth a read if you have the Paper.
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Drop me a PM if you ever need someone to ski DV with during the week. I'll do my best to keep up. Read the article and think it was very accurate.
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