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Late season deals out West

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Anyone have any suggestions for where I could go late season? My season rental in VT will be done in April, but I'd really like to head west. I learned to ski in Europe (Alps), and really want to do some big mountain skiing again. My son is dying to go, but it's just too expensive to bring the whole family out during peak season (6 of us). I think it would be a little too much for the younger ones & the wife.

A lot of the places in NE have late season deals, so I figure they must out west as well. I figured I would appeal to the collective wisdom of the Bears. What would be some decent bets for decent late-season conditions at a reasonable price?
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Whistler usually has some pretty good deals starting in April.
It's about as Big Mountain as you can get!
Has great spring skiing!
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I realize this is somewhat contingent upon weather conditions at the time, but how are the conditions at Whistler in the second half of April? Is it worth the long trip from the East, or is it likely to be dicey? :
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Whistler, Mt. Bachelor and Mammoth are the best spring skiing in North America. The skiing is very good with at least spring corn snow and often good fresh snow. I like skiing from late March through mid July. While the chance of a true powder day is remote the snow is great to ski and the weather is unbeatable - temperate and sunny. Plus after skiing you can head out for a hike, golf or do something else.

On an average snow year the settled base will likely be in the 100" to 160" range so there is no need to worry about snow (do check and follow the stats, however, since once every 15 years or so these areas do get hit with a drought and the base might be dicey).

This year snow base and conditions are pointing to very good spring and summer skiing. Don't forget Timberline on Mt. Hood has summer skiing all summer and into the fall. Best snow conditions occure from May through mid or maybe late July. The snow and skiing after that time is more limited but still a lot of fun.

You really should make one trip out west for some of the best spring and summer skiing you can find. If you come to Bachelor let me know and the Portland Bears will make an effort to ski with you and show you around.

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I got cheap lift tickets at Vail /BC, and the conditions just happened to be the best spring they'd seen in a long while. I purchased the Peak Card online to get the deal. It was $99 for up to six days of lift.

Don't know if they'll do it again. I think they close mid- April because of the park service agreement.
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Thanks for the offer Maddog. If I end up in Portland, I'll definitely take you up on it. If my son goes to Windell's snowboard camp again this summer, I may tag along for some turns on Mt. Hood for a long weekend.

I like the idea of Whistler, so I'll keep that in mind. I'd like to ski Colorado, but it looks like most of the places close by mid-April, w/ the exception of Arapahoe Basin. If that's not correct, please feel free to educate me further!

I hadn't really thought about Mammoth, but that's an interesting possibility.

Does anyplace in Montana or Utah stay open w/ reasonable conditions into mid- to late-April?
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