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Need advice on used skis....

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I spotted a pair skis, boots, and poles together on ebay.com and was wondering if anyone could give me advice...

Here's what I was looking at:


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Gee! Is this a Troll post? Goofus, let's see, think he may be goofing on us?

I have never seen that model of K-2 however from what limited info can be ascertained by the photo:

They appear to be pretty darn straight.

All of the current technique is geared toward shaped skis (wide shovel-narrow waist-wide tail). Learning on shaped skis is much easier than straights. The shape does a lot of the work in turning.

How old are they? If they have an old binding, you will have a hard time getting a shop to set and test them. You should have them tested because you don't know the history of those bindings.... abuse, damage etc.

Boots: I would not buy a pair of boots over the net unless I knew (and had worn), that exact model and size and the price was too good to be true.

You can get a reasonable deal on used gear in New England and most shops are selling an intro package deal for about $300. Or, for about half of that you can do a season rental of reasonable equipment.

Next time post weight height and ability and M/F.

Good hunting.
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The ebay listing is in Conn. and Goofus is in Conn. coincidence? I do't think so... Well whatever.. this is a make-up ski for Hermanns, Sports Authority, ect. The graphics were supposed to look like the Extreme 8.3's ( a real ski, back in those days), Boots are as bottom as you can get from Raichle.. and I know a bit about Raichles.. . $95.00 is the starting bid with a buy it now of $150.00? you got to be kidding...starting should be 25 with a buy it now of $50.00 (at most). I am surprised.. that it doesn't say " I paid over $1,000.00 for it just a few years back!"

If you are looking to buy it? don't Yuki is right, find a good shape package for about 300.00 and get fitted properly.
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Ok, I'm a man of few words. NO. NO. NO. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'd rather rent.
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I'm with all these guys, Goofus--look elsewhere!

It's unfortunate (for those selling) that--like computers--old ski equipment like that isn't worth ANYTHING. It may have cost a lot more than $95, and may be in "brand new" condition, but it isn't worth anything. How much would you pay for even a "top of the line" 10-year-old PC?

Keep looking....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I actually know a guy who went into a shop looking for strait skis, and got some for free with another minor purchase because they're completely worthless!!! (would be fun to get a pair just to trash though)
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I have a poster with Glen Plake on those skis. I think it is from the 80's. I've been in the swaps around town this fall and there is better gear for the under $150. My advice would be to keep looking.

Good Luck

Brad G :
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