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Quick Question Killington...Mont Tremblant

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Xmas break is coming up and i'm looking to go do some skiing...mother nature hasn't blessed the poor PNW yet. Anyways, I was considering skiing either of these places since I hear a lot of good about them, and I may never get another chance to get over there. I have a free ticket to use and I have to use it before March, so why not. I was wondering where are some cheap/cheaper places to stay near these mountains, and what would be the best airport to fly into to reach Killington....


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Okay here is my two cents on these two places.
-Very Cold and Windy
-Icy Conditions, we are talking bullet proof
-Not much pitch

-Dollar goes further
-Great apr├Ęs ski
-Hot ass French Canadian Bartenders at the Caribou, where they encourage you to dance on the bar

-Too commercialized hence the nickname K-Mart
-Can be too big for its' own good
-High prices overall

-Nice pitch
-Two words...Outer Limits
-Great fun on the Access Road, I would recommend the Pickle Barrel or the Wobbly Barn

I would say if you are going to make the trip, go Killington, tougher hill with great off hill activities. As far as flying in to Killington, you have four choices. First is Hartford, CT (Bradley Airport) then you have about a two-hour drive up to Killington. Next is Albany, NY then it is about an hour and change over to Killington. Next is Manchester, NH then it is about an hour and a half or so to the hill. Last is you can fly into Rutland, VT, but it might be a little difficult to get a flight into there, but if you can you are minutes from the hill.
If you are looking for a cheap place to stay, when you are looking online look for hotels in Rutland, you are a few miles from the hill but it will save you some cash that you would spend staying on the Killington Access Road.
Tremblant, you fly into Montreal then it is about an hour and a half or so north to the hill. I am not too sure of a cheap place to stay up there, but remember our dollar goes a little further up there.
I hope this helps. Enjoy the east coast, the breeder of better skiers
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I would have to agree with BrownSki; the skiing at Killington would be better. Tremblant has a decent vertical but is not a steep mountain by any means.

Another possibility is the Eastern Townships about 30-45 minutes east of Montreal. Three resorts close together: Ski Bromont, Owl's Head & Mont Sutton. About 1 1/2 hours from these three is Maine's Sugerloaf but you would need a car to get there.

Better yet would be to go to Mont-Ste-Anne just north of Quebec City. A better mountain than Tremblant, better snow, cheaper, French ambiance, you can ski three mountains there as well, Ste-Anne, Le Massif & Stoneham and lift lines will be 25 per cent of Tremblant & Killington. A tri area lift ticket is available for all three with free shuttle service from Ste-Anne.

PM me if you want specific info. :
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If you like skiing go Kilington, our friends (from Washington DC) fly to Manchester, NH and it is about 1.5 hour drive from there.
Right now it seem that it is a lot more snow here in the east then in the west
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Hey Josh,
First of all, neither place is near exciting as Whistler, if you're into that... Or any on the East coast for that matter. But snow's white, yeah, we all don't usually ski the Northeast and love the Italian alpes [img]redface.gif[/img]
I'm staying in Rutland right now, in a Red Roof Inn. These places are iffy, this here however has been built only a few years ago, so there's not the typical annoying hotel-smell (yet [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] we'll see after i left [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] ).
Flying into Albany, NY is sure a good bet, Southwest flies there.
Cheapest rental car rates usually at Thrifty and Enterprise, because they are full resp. semi off-site. A bit tough getting in and out of their places right now due to the airports' extension of a runway. Get there in daylight for better orientation. And have your edges dialed in - this is the East!
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The Best deal is in Tremblant. You can now fly direct into the international airport there, catch a shuttle into town (not the village), and stay at the hostel there. Ski and stay for about $59.00CAN. A local bus stops just up the road and drop you off at the base, $$1.50 each way. And its looking that the East is the place to be again this winter just like two years ago. Great for all us East Bears.
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I've never been to Tremblant, but if you enjoy paying Deer Valley prices for rude, inefficient service, than Killington is definitely the place. I never thought it was possible to make any place in Vermont ugly, but Rutland, the town near "KMART" bears an uncanny resemblance to Newark New Jersey.

Killington can proudly boast some of the most out of control snowboarders in New England. But don't expect the patrollers to do anything about it if you get hit. They call it part of "The Killington Experience". :

And to enhance your experience of getting bumped by boarders, Killington comes equiped with lots of tight little connectors between trails, designed to make you believe you are riding an urban train during rush hour.

Be sure to bring a few good novels. Lift lines can be close to one hour long!

If all this sounds appealing, then Killington is the place to ski.
For a more appealing Vermont ski trip, with conditions that sometimes rival the west, check out:
Jay peak

Just my 2 cents.... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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wow...thanks for the responses, i didn't expect so many...

It sounds like the Vermonts take it. I had myself convinced that I wanted to go ski the east over break...however, last night I was talking w/ a few friends who go to school in Montana, and one of them can get us a place near Big Sky/Bridger Bowl...2 places I'd also like to ski. This creates a real dilema, as skiing in Montana is much more economical for me, since its well with in driving distance from Washington, plus lodging would be free...oh the choices...

Anyway, thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated...

"Enjoy the east coast, the breeder of better skiers".....until you have skied a 2-3ft. pow dump in the PNW west, you have not skied [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Lisamarie -- tell us how you really feel about Killington...

My $0.02 here. Killington is a mad house over the XMAS break. It is definitely a "love it or leave it" type of place. And Rutland definitely does not bear any resemblence to picture-postcard Vermont towns.

Anyway. Airports. Don't forget Boston's Logan Airport. It's about 3 hours from Killington.

I've only skied Jay Peak once -- it is seriously an awesome place, and your chances of skiing seriously deep freshies are pretty good. (Yes, New England does have powder days). It has its share of oh-my-god steeps, but if you're into apre's ski activities, it probably isn't for you (there is nothing there). There is also no airport in the USA that could be considered "close" to Jay Peak -- Montreal is much closer then any US city.
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LOL, Kevin, after discovering The loaf 2 years ago, I realized that anyone who lives in New England would have to be completely insane to got to Kmart instead. Then again, since the poster is from the PNW, my thoughts are "why ski the east at all if you don't have to" considering we pay higher prices for less than optimal conditions.

I wonder if Okemo will have Jackson Gore open this year? Could be a good thing, unless the Killington crowd decides to change their loyalties! :

Going on any BSSC trips this year? Check out the Bears gathering at Sugarbush in the Meet on the Hill section.
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
I wonder if Okemo will have Jackson Gore open this year? Could be a good thing, unless the Killington crowd decides to change their loyalties!
Jackson Gore opened yesterday.

I'm also not a Killington fan. Yes, it has good early and late season snow, but the attitude there sucks, and you're right about all the connector trails. Although I've never seen a 1 hr. liftline, or anything even close to that in the past 15 years.

If you know how to get around the mountain, you can find a short liftline somewhere on even the busiest days. But it can take weeks to figure out your way around the place.

I hate to keep letting the cat out of the bag, but Sugarloaf is the best mountain in the East.

As far as Okemo, on a holiday week, there are few places that are more of a nightmare to ski. Even worse - their base lodge and cafeteria is one of the worst in the country.

If you're set on skiing Vermont, I'd much rather ski Sugarbush. Better terrain than K-mart, and much nicer New England atmosphere compared to the over-rated and classless K-mart strip-mall access road scene, but I'm not sure conditions are as good right now.
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Lisamarie - I'll probably be doing a weekend trip or two with BSSC. I'd like to spend another weekend at Sugarloaf or Jay Peak (or both [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ). After skiing all season at Cannon, I'm ready for a change by March. Hope to see you on some of them.

Haven't thought much about the New England Bear's Gathering. I'd like to ski Mad River at some point, but Sugarbush isn't really my favorite place. I'll keep the group posted though.

Oh. And Killington isn't home to the most out-of-control snowboarders in New England. Ever head to Wachusett? I was there Sunday evening, and it really wasn't that crowded, but I still almost got hit on three consecutive runs (only one made contact though... : ).

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