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I won lift tickets to Killington! Where to stay!

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Yeah for me! I won two 5 day lift tickets for Killington recently and and the wife and I are planning on using them in late February. We have to be on the east coast for a wedding and plan on driving up from there to Killington. I have searched this forum and found a few good remarks on lodging but I would like to re-visit this topic.

Anyone with experience or thoughts on good places to stay at Killington. Hotels, studios, or 1 bedroom condos are all fine. We obviously like the most bang for our buck! Walking distance is preferred but if there is a good shuttle service that will work as well.

Thanks in advance for any responses and thoughts you have!!

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Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of ski in ski out lodging at Killington other than private condos or the Grand Summit Hotel, which all have to be booked through Killington Central Reservations, and they get an arm and a leg for them, especially at that time of the season. Plenty of good places to stay on the access road, though. I always stay at Mountain Sports Inn (888 422 3315). The place is nice and clean with a real comfortable atmosphere, and a hot breakfast is included in the price. I believe that there is public transportation that goes by there. I think he could probably cut you a pretty good deal for a five night stay. If you decide to call, ask for Bob, the best time to catch him is after lunch as he is usually out sampling the conditions in the morning. Tell him you got his number from a ski bum from Rhode Island.
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Thanks for the reply. I have been doing a little research online and through an old brochure I had laying around!

Let me throw out a few names to you that we thought about considering, if anyone has any experience with any in this list, please feel free to comment and share your opinions!

Chalet Killington
Red Rob Inn
Killington Village Inn
Birch Ridge Inn
Mountain Sports Inn
Snowed Inn
Summit Lodge
Cortina Inn

If there are others you like or have experience with feel free to give your remarks. Anyone with any information on those listed, please tell me what the good and bad is about the places. Any info is appreciated!!!

Thanks again

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Last year when I went, I stayed at the Comfort Inn, did the job for what I needed, but a word for the wise, run like heck when you get out of the heated pool...

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I like the Mountain Sports Inn if staying on the access road. I hear good things about the Red Rob. K'ton doesn't have much that is truly ski in and ski out unless trudging over a bridge across a snow making pond to get to a beginner lift counts. You are tied to your car anyway so try something down the road and save a few bucks, I like the Inn at the Long Trail which is on Rt 4.
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The Cortina Inn is fairly high end for a ski hotel, but it's on Rt. 4, not the access road, and actually is much closer to Pico, which may turn out to be a more attractive mountain than the rest of Killington if you're going on a busy weekend. We stayed at the Inn of the Six Mountains twice last winter and had a good time at a reasonable price. The place is clean, the beds are comfortable, and it's just a few minutes from the Killington base areas. Have fun.
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As Mac said there isn't a lot of ski in- ski out accomodation in Killington,but what it has going for it is an excellent shuttle bus service from all hotels to Snowbasin base,and as most accomodation is on are around the main Killington road you are never more than about 5/10 mins from the slopes.
Where to stay? well we've stayed at both the Red Rob Inn and the Inn of the Six Mountains in the past.The Red Rob is smaller,IMHO its friendlier,comfortable, but a touch worn around the edges.It has a great bar and excellent resturaunt.Six Mountains is much bigger, slightly more grander, but slightly lacking in atmosphere.That said they both have an excellent bus shuttle to the slopes, especially Six Mountains which keeps going continually until there's no one left to take!One minor thing to consider, is that the Six Mountains has an outdoor/covered ski storage area,which is freezing first thing along with all your equipment,The Red Rob's is nice and toasty indoors.
Of the others you listed, The Birch Ridge is a great place to go for a fine dining experience,a bit pricey but superb food, to stay there IMHO you would need to like chinz and floral prints!Friends of ours stayed at The Cortina Inn , said it was excellent, but a bit isolated from the slopes and evening action........Phew! i think that covers it.Enjoy K
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Thanks again to everyone for the replies. I appreciate the opinions! I keep doing research and have got a new list of places that I am considering. Some of them were on my previous list of places but some are new. If you have any opinions on lodging near Killington or any info on those listed here, tell me what you think!

Red Rob Inn

North Star Lodge

Birch Ridge Inn

Mountain Sports Inn

Snowed Inn

Summit Lodge

Mountain Inn

Grey Bonnet Inn

Butternut Lodge

Thanks again,
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Hey Ty,

Take a look at our Killington lodging page and consider booking through us:


Out of the places you mention above, the only one I've stayed at has been Reb Rob Inn. That was back in November of '96. Nice little place. From what I remember they had a pool table/game room and a 'community' hot tub. Nice, clean basic room...

Keep an eye on AlpineZone.com this winter too. We'll be holding lift ticket giveaways for Killington as well!
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Just a couple more things on Killington?

Does anyone have experience with Fall Line Condos or the Highridge Condos? Anything you can tell me about these condos and the facilities associated with each would be appreciated.

Also, what are the rooms in the Killington Grand Resort Hotel like? Especially the rooms that have a kitchenette or do they all have a kitchenette in the Grand Resort?

Lastly, any other reviews or expericences with the Red Rob Inn or the Snowed Inn? Thanks again for all the comments! I will be making a reservation later this week. I can't wait for my first trip to the east!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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For some info on Inn at Long Trail, see this article:


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Thanks for the link, very good article!

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks. I think the moral of the story is don't miss out on Pico--it's the unsung hero of Killington
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We are planning a day at Pico! I have been studying both trail maps for some good couples crusing runs.

Ty [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeo Ty -

My family has owned a time-share in the Killington Grand Summit Hotel/Condo Complex since it was built. There are several different options when it comes to rooms @ the grand, many of which include workable kitchens. The Grand is about the closest you're going to find to ski-in-ski-out in the Killington area. The mountain is accessible via a bridge (50yds) leading directly to the Snowshed base area.

Amenities that I find most useful/enjoyable include mountainside heated swimming pool & hot tubs, ski check, and in-hotel restaurant & bar. Though I have mixed opinions about the service in the restaurant. The bulk of Killington's night spots are located right down the access road including The Night Spot, Wobbly Barn, Pickle Barrel, Grist Mill, etc.

I have some pictures of a trip I took with some friends over the summer posted in my blog. Some of them include shots of the rooms, bridge, hotel etc --- just imagine some snow. Here are the links...

June 2003 Trip
August 2003 Trip

- c0rk

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We made a reservation at the Highridge Condos. I will let everyone know what I think! Got a great rate too!!

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