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hello !

does anybody have experience with snow in chamonix in april or has recently been there ??

are the glaciers open (grands montets, vallee blanche) and skiable ? crowded?

I suppose the lower runs have poor snow conditions, right ?

any insight will be greeatly appreciated ....

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I was in Cham the first week of March. It was very, very crowded - took at least an hour to get on the Tram at the base of the Grand Montet. Once up the mountain however, the only bottle neck was the Telepherique to the top - the chairs and telecabine were fine. Lot's of snow up top but the conditions were very marginable below the base of the resort. Many of the couloirs were not skiable.

The Valley Blance was superb the day I went. No wind, blue skies, crowded yes getting up the cable car, but the run down was excellent. There wasn't enough snow to ski all the way back into town thus we took the train.
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Was in Chamonix last week. They've had much less snow than usual and a lot of rain. The lower coverage was very bad, Upper coverage was good, but the snow is heavy and wet. Vallee Blanche has been decent an average of one or two days a week. Grande Montet glacier was good. You might consider a guide, since they get the info on what local mountains are good that day. (Conditions vary a lot from mountain to mountain.) Still a spectacular place, though. Have fun!
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hey - thanks for your answers-

i booked an apartment for the easter vacations. hoping for sun and not to poor snow conditions.....

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Stefan, I just returned from France -- skied Chamonix the first week of April, and then did the tourist thing in Paris the second week.

We were there for ski mountaineering, with a guide, so we really didn't care about the lack of lower-mountain skiing. The glaciers were in excellent shape, i.e., relatively low crevasse danger. Hope you had/are having a good time!
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Well that answers my question from another post - please give a little more detail on the areas you skied and what you thought about them if you have the time
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