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CO resorts closest to Denver

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Hey All,

I'll be in Denver next week for business, and I was looking into the feasibility of rolling 1 or 2 days of skiing into the trip. I hate to admit that I have never skied CO (UT is just too close and too easy), and am not sure what the closest, most reasonably reached resorts are from Denver. Can a Bear out there help me out?
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For ease of access, Loveland is probably the best, but spend a little more time in the car to hit Keystone, A-Basin, or Breckenridge. Just pass Breck is Copper. Go another 20-30min pass there and you hit Vail and Beaver Creek. All of those are easily accessed from I-70. Take a look at mapquest.com to see approx drive times from where you're staying. Hope that helps some, and have a great time...Allen
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Go to Eldora and ski with Rusty Guy and ssh. I believe it's the closest resort to Denver.
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eldora is technically closest to denver, but its near nothing else. i head out i-70, you can get to loveland in an hour if the roads are good and breck/stone/basin/copper are 15-30 min. west of loveland.
be sure to pickup discount tickets at christys sports,denver.
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Bandit Man-

I wouldn't over look Winter Park/ Mary Jane either!

Figuring that only Aspen is more than 2 hrs from DIA (along the I-70 corridor), virtually most of the premiere COLO areas are within day trip driving distances of Denver.

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Eldora is 1 hour and 30 minutes from DIA via the new 470 loop. I think in non rush hour traffic one could get to Loveland in the same time frame. The trouble could be getting through Denver in a reasonable time frame due to traffic on 70. I-470 is wonderful and at this point virtually empty from the airport to Boulder.

I respectfully suggest Eldora is not exactly in the middle of nowhere! Nederland is a virtual mecca for old hippies.

I would say WP/Mary Jane is an hour and 45 from the airport.

I drive to Loveland a lot from Boulder and allow 45 minutes from Golden as long as traffic is light and the weather is good.
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