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Altimeter Advice

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Xmas is coming and my dad wants an altimeter he can take with him on his person. Help!!! I have no idea where to begin.
post #2 of 7 has several. Also most modern GPS handhelds include an altimeter. I have an altimeter watch that is comfortable to use but may not be the most accurate device as it uses air pressure to determine altitude. Your reading change with the weather. It must be calibrated daily for accurate readings. This process only takes a minute or so but does require a known reference altitute.

FYI I bought the Suunto Navigator watch. I use the altitude readings more as a novelty than anything. I mostly use the included barometer to avoid 3:00 summer thunderstorms in the Colorado High country.
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REI has several altimeter watches for sale. Back Country Magazine, Issue #32, has a review of them. The most accurate altimeters are temperature compensated. They include Avocet Vertech II, Nike Ascent Compass, and Suunto X6.

I opted instead for a GPS with altimeter and compass, a Garmin Etrex Summit. For about the same price as an altimeter watch, I got a GPS as well. It's small and light, it's easy to use, and it might help me find my way home.
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I've had my Casio triple sensor for about eight years now and it is occasionally useful, especially while hiking. I had a look at the Suunto S6 last week, VERY COOL. Definitely the best skiing wristop computer. I especially like the inclinometer, I think I would end up using that more than most of the other functions.
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The Suunto's are awesome. I have the Observer and it's great and much smaller than most. They look pretty good as far as wearing everyday (I do) without having some glaring techno geek huge gadget on your wrist. They have a new series that include one for skiing that has an inclinometer (S9?).
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Suunto is the way to go...
I have been using the 2 years old modell, Vector that
has altimeter, barometer,compass etc...
It has been proven in use that the altimeter is very
accurate (if you remember to calibrate it...). It goes
up 6000m if I remember correctly. In the new modells
it should go up to 9000m if im not wrong.
Also the electronical compass is the most accurate on the
market, but it has to be calibrated quite often too.
Oh, and it has a watch too...
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I have the Alta from Sports Instruments and like it quite a bit. It was less expensive than the Suuntos and seems to perform nicely. My ex had a Nike altimeter and they both seemed to match perfectly though the alta would dial in on the elevation faster. Both seemed to correspond well with the topo maps on a week long trip into Wind River Range.

Also, do a search here. Seems that there are about 3 threads on this every year.
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