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New Resort Rankings

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It's nice to see Whiteface receive the respect it deserves. I also feel that Cannon has been neglected by the mags. I remember skiing Cannon the 2nd weekend of December or so a couple of years back. Even that early in the season the snow was awesome. The peak was socked in and it was snowing higher on the mountain, but about 1/4 of the way down it opened up and the skiing was great. I never forgot that weekend. I hope to make it back, but I do spend most of my weekends at Whiteface. Whiteface has really opened up the terrain with some nice glades and of course The Slides. The bargains that are available for lodging in LP are great.<FONT size="1">

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As far as Cannon is concerned, I do like the place, even though half of the black terrain was closed due to ice. One thing I do not agree about, though, is their challenge rankings. I don't know what it was ranked this year, but a few years back, it was #9 in the nation!! Not a chance! Breck was something like #20-something and they have terrain that makes Cannon's steepest runs look like blues. This is why I don't even trust the categorical rankings. If they'd go back to providing the raw numbers again, I'd be happy.

(I'm not trying to bash Cannon, but just the subjectivity of the surveys. Actually, would love to go back to Cannon soon. I hope they get their connection with Mittersil completed. It'd be nice to have a bit more variety in trail selection.)
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